Transgender Man Gives Birth To Healthy Baby

A man became pregnant before he fully transitioned and he just had his healthy little baby!

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Wyley Simpson and Stephan Gaeth met online. Simpson was very open about being born a woman and he was currently transitioning to become a man. He had been taking hormone replacements and he already had a surgery to remove his breasts. He would soon have another surgery to complete the transition. Simpson and Gaeth said that they had an immediate connection and began dating. However, a few months after they started dating Simpson became pregnant. He had no idea that he could actually become pregnant, because he had been taking so many hormones that he was convinced there was no chance. Simpson and Gaeth weren't even using protection, because Simpson assumed that he was transitioned far enough to a man. Although he was taking his hormones, he still had all of the anatomy of a woman which allowed him to become pregnant.

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Simpson was very nervous about being a pregnant man in Texas. He knew that people would make fun of him and he would likely be ostracized, but he wanted to still go through with the pregnancy because he knew that the baby would be worth it. Right when he found out that he was pregnant he stopped the hormone replacements and started going through all of the prenatal care. Simpson recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy and they are both completley in love!

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Simpson's biggest hurdle was that he spent the majority of his life trying to get away from being a female. He was trying to get away from any sort of femininity, because he is a man. He was a little concerned when he got pregnant because that is one of the most feminine things that a person can go through. However, he said that it didn't make him feel any less of a man and it won't make him any less of a father. The couple is now engaged and they are raising their son in a small converted bus. They knew that all their child needs is love and attention and he will definitely get both of those.

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Simpson and Gaeth are doing great and their son is perfectly healthy. They are currently trying to figure out their family dynamics and learning how to become the best fathers that they possibly can be to their new child. Simpson is back on his hormone replacements and we all assume that they will be using some sort of protection now that they know that Simpson can get pregnant due to his existing woman anatomy. Congratulations to the new couple and best of luck on the parenting journey!

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