Transgender Pregnant Man Discusses His Concerns About Delivering His Baby

Wyley Simpson, a transgender man, is pregnant with a child and he is very nervous to deliver his son in Texas.

Wyley Simpson was born a woman. He started feeling like he was trapped in somebody else's body. He began feeling resentful of being a woman and wanted to have facial hair and get rid of his breasts. He began his transition to become a man by first taking testosterone pills. Wyley began dating his boyfriend Stephan Gaeth, and they eventually began a relationship and were intimate in the way that traditional men and women are in relationships. They were under the impression that Wyley could not get pregnant because he was taking testosterone pills and assumed he wouldn't be able to have a viable pregnancy. They were wrong.

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Wyley is pretty certain that he is probably one of the only pregnant transgender men in Texas. He is treated very disrespectfully around in public and so he is very scared as to how he will be treated in the hospital when he is giving birth as a man. He claims that sometimes Texas isn't very accepting of differences in people.

The couple became pregnant and they were both very scared. It was something that they were completely unprepared for and were not expecting to happen. When they found out they were pregnant they first decided that they were going to give up their child to adoption. They knew that they were not prepared and so they were going to give their child a "better life." However, they changed their mind and decided that they were going to have the baby and keep him. They have already named their son Rowan Fox.

The pair was shown in a documentary that follows the journey of various "unconventional" couples. Both men are very unsure of how their lives are going to change, or how to be parents. They admitted that they haven't done much research and haven't taken any prenatal classes to help them in the process of labor and delivery. However, their biggest fear isn't labor, delivery, or even raising their child. Their biggest fear is actually how other people are going to treat them as gay men raising a child. Hopefully, they are treated with respect while they are in the hospital.

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