Travis Scott’s First Words On Stormi Webster

After two weeks of being silent about the birth of his daughter, Stormi, Travis Scott managed to blurt out two words on the little pink wonder.

"She's beautiful!" he said to a throng of paparazzi, anxious to get the inside scoop on the new arrival via his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The rapper, who's up for a Grammy due to his involvement with Justin Bieber's outing Purpose, has had a reputation for being detached to the media. But it seems that the joys of fatherhood have softened the dude up to the point where he had to say something.

It also galvanizes a blood relative kinship with Kanye West, one of Scott's biggest idols. West, as astute readers will recall, is married to Kim Kardashian, whose half-sister is Kylie Jenner.

Unlike Kim and the rest of the Kardashians, whose shows on E! are prime fodder for audiences seeking the cream of the celebrity scandal crop, Jenner and Scott have been more secretive about their relationship. Fluff scribes first wrote about their relationship in April, when they were first spotted together at Coachella. She was also seen with him at a Houston Rockets game, and at one of Scott's gigs later that spring. Subsequent sightings of the two together in Los Angeles and Miami seemed to prove that they were serious.


Further cementing the relationship was news that Jenner was pregnant in September, culminating in Stormi's birth February 1. Jenner didn't reveal news about the birth until a selfie of the baby holding her hand was released on Instagram a couple days later. To date, the image has garnered more than 17 million likes. She also put out a video chronicling the pregnancy.

As for why Jenner decided to keep it a secret, she opted the need to get ready for her new role as mother and to transition into that status with the least amount of stress possible.

Considering Jenner's related to a socialite who first hit the public eye with a porn video, that constantly clicks selfies, feuds with other celebrities, and generally tries to cultivate as much attention as possible... any kind of stress reduction might come in handy.

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