10 Trendy Baby Names Inspired By Popular Cities

Parents who want to give their newborn a unique name might want to consider naming their little one after a city. There are so many creative options available so why settle for a boring name? More and more moms and dads are finding inspiration from their favorite places.

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A vacation destination could inspire cute monikers. Your hometown might be a perfect choice. From southern towns with a lot of spunk to metropolitan cities with undeniable flair, the names on this list will take everyone to a particular time and place. Please enjoy this list of 10 trendy baby names inspired by cities.

10 Austin

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Looking to name your son after a city? If you’re a Texan, or just love the state of Texas, then you might want to consider the name Austin. Taken from the capital of the great state, this one has a cool vibe to it.

Austin is a hub for good music and tasty food so it would be a perfect inspiration for a lively little guy. It’s an English name that means great or magnificent. We love that it has such a positive meaning. This one checks many boxes since it’s super cute and is also considered a place name.

9 Phoenix

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Phoenix is one of those names that just feels magical. It would be a great option for moms and dads who want to name their daughter after a city. Inspired by the Phoenix, Arizona, this one has a Southwestern vibe that is just too awesome to overlook.

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Phoenix is a Greek name that means dark red. This isn’t a moniker that you hear often, so it’s distinctive and unique. Your little girl will love being named after a mystical creature, as a phoenix is a bird that regenerates in mythology. Be sure to pick this one before it takes off.

8 Bronx

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Parents who are from New York will love the name Bronx for their son. Taken from the New York City borough, this one has an undeniable urban feel to it. We also love that it ends with the letter “x," which is very on-trend these days.

This one didn’t find a place on the charts until the 2000s. Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy and Ashlee Simpson named their son Bronx. It saw a surge after that but is still uncommon. If you’re looking for a place name that is distinctive, then Bronx would be a solid option.

7 London

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London is a sophisticated name that was inspired by the capital of the United Kingdom. This one would be great for either a boy or a girl as it is gender-neutral, which is currently so popular. We think that it’s pretty posh as a girl’s name if you ask us.

London is an English moniker that means English place name. Fans of the Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody might remember the character London Tipton, who was a wealthy girl on the series. Classy, smart, and full of spunk, London would be an adorable name for your daughter.

6 Memphis

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Parents who are music fans will be charmed by the name Memphis for their son. This one was taken from the city in Tennessee, which is known for being a hub for the blues music scene. It’s also home to the legendary landmark Sun Studios. This one has a Southern sensibility to it that makes it irresistible.

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The name Memphis has Greek origins and means enduring and beautiful. This is another place name that would work for a boy or a girl but we think that Memphis would be just right for a little gentleman. Be sure to add this one to your short-list.

5 Savannah

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While we’re on the subject of Southern names, Savannah is another moniker inspired by a city. Taken from the town in Georgia, this one has a feminine vibe that would suit a sweet Georgia peach. This one has been around since the 1880s but isn’t being used often by parents these days.

Savannah is a Spanish name that means flat grassland. We love that it has roots in nature and is also a place name. It’s a diminutive of the name Samantha and just feels so fresh and cute. You’d be smart to claim this one before your friends do.

4 Orlando

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If you’re seeking a name for your little guy that was inspired by a place then you might want to consider the name Orlando. Inspired by the city in Florida, this one would be fun for Disney lovers as well since Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, the most magical place on earth.

Orlando is an Italian name that means famous throughout the land. It’s a variation of the grown-up title, Roland. This one has seen a spike in popularity lately, thanks to the actor Orlando Bloom. It’s still uncommon, so you won’t hear it repeated often at school.

3 Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is a name that all the hipster parents will love. Taken from the trendy borough in New York City, this one has a modern feel to it. It’s another gender-neutral option so it’s quite versatile. Famous couple Victoria and David Beckham chose this name.

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Although, we couldn’t resist adding Brooklyn to this list as a name for a little girl. It just feels so sassy and would be perfect for a gal that has a ton of moxie. It could also be cute to break it down into a first and middle name.

2 Denver

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Denver is another name that would be a bold choice for anyone looking to name their son after a place. Taken from the capital of the state of Colorado, this one has an "Old West” vibe to it that would be great for a little cowboy.

Denver is an English name that means from Anvers. It’s a gender-neutral option, so parents of little girls might like it as well. We just think that it sounds too manly to pass up for a boy, though. Rustic, rugged, and adventurous, a boy named Denver will have a passion for the outdoors.

1 Sydney

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Looking to give your daughter a place name with an international feel? Look no further than the name Sydney. Inspired by the capital of New South Wales, this moniker is very polished. Parents who have a passion for Australia will find this one alluring.

Sydney is a French name that means Saint-Denis. It was most widely used in the 1990s but hasn’t seen as much action as of late. That means that it’s just waiting to see a resurgence. Be ahead of the trends and name your little girl Sydney. She will love being named after such a metropolitan city.

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