Trey Songz Shares First Instagram Pic Of His Baby Boy

Trey Songz shares a picture of his first child on Instagram!

The rumors are true! Singer, Trey Songz is a father! Songz shared a picture of his son by uploading a precious photo on his Instagram. He wrote " My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Blessed." Songz has expressed his desire to have children for some time. He mentioned back in 2015 that he raised all of the children in his family and it was important for him to have kids of his own. Songz said that his brother is now 20 years old, but he remembers very vividly watching him, burping him and helping him around the house. He has always thought being a father would be a lot of fun.

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He wasn't in any rush. He said he wasn't going to have kids just to have kids. He was only going to have children when he felt like it was right. He wasn't going to let anybody pressure him into having a child when he wasn't even ready.

However, we didn't even know he was dating anybody! He shared a picture of a woman's foot back in December with the caption, "I like us..." but with no other explanation. Her identity still remains a mystery and we are not sure if the "foot lady" is the mother of his new son. Plus, we had no idea that he was expecting a little boy. This news is such a big surprise for all of us!

Before sharing a picture of his son and telling the world about his sweet new addition he posted a photo of him holding a little baby foot. People started speculating that he was a father. However, Songz isn't telling anybody about the mother of his son. He has not yet released her identity. We aren't really sure why he has been keeping the mother a secret, but that is obviously something that she wants to keep a secret.

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We are very excited for Trey Songz and the mother on the newest addition in their little family! We are excited to watch little Noah grow big and strong.

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