Trick Or Treat! Halloween Trends For 2018

It's easy to get wrapped up in making Halloween loads of fun for your kids and the neighbor kids. You've probably considered what sort of treats you're giving out, where you'll be trick-or-treating, and what kind of costume your kiddo will wear. If you're an overachiever like me, you've probably considered sewing everyone a costume. Last year, I tried that. I bought enough fabric to make us all into a hobbit family. In the last week before Halloween, I finally finished Shep's costume. I gave up entirely on mine and my husband's.

But don't be like me! Don't make the holiday fun for just your kids! Remember how much fun Halloween used to be when you were young and childless? Just because we have kids now doesn't mean we can't be cool like that! (Well, yes, it probably does. But we're still gonna try!) I hope my husband can get on-board with at least one of these awesome Halloween trends for grown-ups. And if he doesn't? Well I'll just take his knee out.

Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding

Speaking of taking out somebody's knee! (I'm so clever.) The success and Academy Award nominations for I, Tonya this year have led to a resurgence of the true crime fiasco. Did she know about the hit? Was Tonya innocent? Is she really the victim of a high-class snobbish society of figure skating elitism? I don't know. But I do know these costumes are heckin' easy! Grab a cheap swimsuit from Amazon, glue some rhinestones on there, and wrap a knee in gauze. Of course, you have to go in a pair. But trust me - anyone over the age of 25 ought to get the joke!

Riverdale/Archie & Jughead

I grew up devouring Archie comics every time I could get my hands on one. I'm pretty sure my mom bought me so many copies because it meant I wasn't begging her for candy instead. But a love of the Archie canon gave me a deeper appreciation for the dark drama of hit show Riverdale. BONUS: All those cute clothes can double for workwear! Slap on a special shade of lipstick, some pearls, a high ponytail, and a sweater set. You're golden, Betty!

Bob Ross

Are we seeing a theme here? It's like a crazy throwback to simpler times. I wonder why we'd need that sort of reminder? A great Bob Ross costume can go so many different ways. You can go as a couple - Bob and his painting. Or, just as one of his paintings yourself! My favorite version is Bob Ross and a Happy Tree. Groan-worthy but instantly recognizable, and good old-fashioned clean fun!

Mister Rogers

Fun doesn't get any cleaner than Mister Rogers! It's been 50 years since his first episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood aired on public television. With a documentary currently in select theaters and a biopic (starring Tom Hanks!) releasing in October 2019, this costume will be a hit this year AND next. When your neighbors open the door, hit them with a soft smile and a "Won't you be my neighbor?" Rake in that candy. Nobody can say no to Fred!

I can't wait to see what you come up with - whether you spend the night partying hard or staying in and watching Hocus Pocus, I'll think you're pretty cool. But you'll be a lot cooler if you're a Happy Tree!


Tweet me your ideas for Halloween costumes for YOU - and hey, why not for the kids, too? @pi3sugarpi3

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