Trick Or Treat Safety For Babies Under One: Everything You Need To Know

When Halloween rolls around, there is nothing more fun than dressing your baby up and showing their costume off. Trick or Treat is easier when the baby has older siblings- simply push the baby in a stroller or carry in a pouch and show off the costume! But, if the baby has no siblings, what are the best safety guidelines? Baby can't eat anything yet, so should you wait? Most people assume when people take infants out they want candy for themselves but there are other reasons (some just enjoy the atmosphere and want to show the baby off).

Author's youngest daughter as a toddler trick or treating

Tip 1: Remember, infants get overstimulated very easily and often can't go on a full walk around as older kids can. Even if they fall asleep in the stroller or ride in a pouch, they still won't be able to stay out as long as they will later. If they're sleeping, it will be better but often the noise, lights and excitement will lead to an overly tired baby. Keep a close eye and if you're out with older kids, make sure there is another adult who can take baby back home (or back to sleep in the car) if they get over tired and can't nap.

Tip 2: Remember to make sure they are dressed right for the weather- sometimes Trick or Treat is on a mild night, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Keep a continuous eye on making sure baby isn't overheated in a costume and make sure there is something to take off to help cool down if overheating does occur.

Tip 3: This is mainly for older toddlers who can walk (closer to a year who are starting to toddle or slightly over a year). Make sure that at least one part of the costume has reflectors- it will end up being dark and if the costume is dark, cars will have trouble seeing a child. They sell a lot of glow sticks, necklaces and other accessories to help kids be seen.

Tip 4: A loose but not too loose costume is key. Nothing that would make walking harder if they are starting to walk and easy to walk in shows are a must.

Tip 5: Make sure they can see and breathe through their mask if they are wearing one. If possible, avoid the mask entirely to avoid any problems.

Tip 6: Keep all candies away. Chocolate isn't good for babies under a year (they should still be strictly getting a diet of fruits, veggies, formula and meats) and other candies can be a choking hazard but also contain sugar and artificial ingredients they may not be ready to digest yet. This year, baby is going out to enjoy the atmosphere and be shown off in costume.

Most of these may sound fairly "common sense", but when you're in the full swing of everything- it's easy for one thing or another to slip your mind. Baby doesn't have to sit out on their first Trick or Treat- even if they are too young to eat the candy. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and they will enjoy their night out just as much as any older siblings.


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