‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Troian Bellisario Seen With Baby Daughter For First Time In NYC

Many of you may know Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario as the infamous Spencer Hastings with her driven and competitive personality. What you may not know, however, is that the American actress is now a mother (off-screen) to a beautiful little girl who was born last October.

Recently, Bellisario, 33, was spotted proudly walking the streets of New York City with her baby girl snug in her arms in full-on mama bear mode as paparazzi circled.

The sighting was truly special to see, sort of like seeing a rare animal in the wild, given how secluded the family is and wishes to remain. Bellisario was rocking the mom-casual look with a simple black shirt, jeans, and sunglasses remaining indifferent to the cameras, while her daughter was intently curious about the up-close paparazzo.

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Bellisario and her husband of three years, Patrick J. Adams, 37, decided to keep their baby out of the spotlight (something we're seeing more celebrities do these days), but they have shared some important milestones on social media to keep their fans in the loop.

One thing that Bellisario has opened up to the world about is her "love-hate relationship" with breastfeeding. In an Instagram post on August 6, the actress and mom opened up about the difficulties of her breastfeeding journey. In the post, she talks about the harsh realities of breastfeeding but also says that she feels honoured to be able to feed her daughter with her body.

"I would never have thought something so simple would be so complicated," she says. "My milk came in immediately (so lucky!) my daughter has always eaten well (little bit of reflux but all good) and breastfeeding her was never painful or frustrating (SO RARE) but the mastitis, waking up in the middle of the night to pump, pulling off on the freeway to pump, or hiding in dark corners of houses while pumping or else I can't sleep it's SO PAINFUL."

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Despite not being able to drink alcohol, take certain medications and feeling like an "effing cow", Bellisario is thankful that her body has made it as easy as it has for her and her daughter because she knows that not all mothers have that same experience. She also makes a point to say that although she has had her own challenges and is unsure how much longer her breastfeeding journey will last, she will always do what's best for her and her daughter.

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Congratulations Troian on your beautiful little addition and we can't wait to share more news-worthy moments with you in the future!

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