Tu's Line Of Breastfeeding Clothes Is A Hit With New Moms

British clothing brand Tu, which operates out of Sainsbury's, is being showered with praise for its new line of breastfeeding-appropriate clothing.

There are a few obvious changes that happen to you and your life when a baby arrives. Less time to yourself, a big hit to your social life, and probably a hefty hit to your wallet to boot. Those things are all expected. It's the other things that take us new parents by surprise that are the real issue.

Clothing, for example. Many new moms can't wait for the day they can start wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes again. However, for moms who are breastfeeding, a new issue quickly dawns on them. Very few of your old outfits are appropriate for breastfeeding on the go. That leads you right back to dressing for purpose rather than pleasure and it can be pretty demoralizing.

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Maternity clothes are sold by most major fashion retailers nowadays. There's a massive gap in the market for breastfeeding attire though, and British brand Tu has started to fill it. Tu operates out of supermarket chain Sainsbury's and is currently the talk of the town among new moms for its fashionable yet affordable clothing line. Items start from as low as $18 and don't go any higher than $58.

via Yahoo News

Metro reports that the range "includes shirts, blouses, pinafores, jumpsuits and tops, featuring zip, wrap fronts and button-through designs." The in-store mannequins also feature someone breastfeeding so that new moms know the range is targeted at them. The various loose-fitting clothes with different, perfectly placed fastenings allow women to breastfeed discretely should they need to. Moms from the Can I Breastfeed In It? Facebook page have been celebrating the new line of clothing.

The original post about the line has already racked up 11,000 likes and various moms have been commenting on the post. The fact that Tu hasn't been afraid to actually show a nipple in its ad campaign has also been applauded. It's crazy that in 2019, breastfeeding is still not seen as something entirely normal that can be performed anywhere by everyone. Clothing made specifically for breastfeeding moms will hopefully bring us one step closer to a day when it is.

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