Turn Clothes Into Maternity Wear With Some Elastic And A Button

One mama-to-be has shared several maternity hacks that will change the lives of pregnant women everywhere.

BL Facebook page revealed several DIY hacks that will turn regular clothes into maternity wear. In a tutorial video, the pregnant woman shows how you can turn jeans, tops, and jeggings into maternity wear by making some small modifications to clothes you already own.

The best part is that these hacks don’t sacrifice style. Each one is chic, creating fun, stylish maternity clothes that every pregnant woman can be proud to show off. For example, take a pair of jeans you own and cut out the front pockets. Once you have done that, sew elastic in where the pockets were and presto you now have custom jeans that will expand with your growing belly!

There are two different hacks for maternity tops. One suggests cutting off the top of a tank top, removing the top 1/4 which includes the straps. Then place the bottom cutoff part under any T-shirt or tank top and you have a maternity top. No one will be able to tell it is two different shirts. If you want, you can even sew the two shirts together to make sure they don't split apart.

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If you want to spice up your maternity wear with a little lace, one way is to follow the above steps but sew lace to the bottom of the tank-top or t-shirt. Another way is to cut long triangle shapes out of the side hem of your t-shirt. Then sew lace into those triangle holes. Not only does it make the shirt pretty, it makes the shirt stretchy and comfortable for growing bellies.

Make your jeggings extendable with items you have in your home. To create maternity jeggings you will need to cut a rectangle stretch of fabric, sew a button on one end and put a hole in the other. Then fasten the button side to the existing buttonhole in the jeggings and add the slit to the fasten on the jeggings.

Stretch fabric and a sewing kit are all you need to make your jeans perfect for pregnancy. Cut off the top of your jeans, cut a big square of stretch fabric, then sew the ends together. Once you have done that, sew it to the jeans, which will expand the waistline.

Those are some awesome DIY maternity clothes hacks, are you going to try any of them at home? Let us know in the comments!


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