TV Host Tamron Hall Talks About Returning To Work After Giving Birth

Tamron Hall says that she was shamed when she told her fans that she was going to be returning to work.

Television Host, Tamron Hall, gave birth to her child 4 months ago. She is just a few days away from the premiere of her very own talk show called Tamron Hall. She returned to work to prepare for her upcoming show. Hall has been through a lot in the last couple of years and it has been filled with a lot of emotion. Hall learned in February 2017 that she would be losing her spot on the Today and Megyn Kelly would be taking her place. She made the decision to leave the network. Then, this past March we learned that Hall was 32 weeks pregnant!

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Hall didn't want to tell people about the pregnancy until she was very far along because she wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the pregnancy and that the baby would be a for sure thing. She held off telling her fans until everything looked great and she was confident that she would have a healthy little baby. In April 2019, Hall and her husband, Steven Greener welcomed their son Moses! When he was born Hall felt so grateful for the chance to become a mother at 46 years old even after thinking she would never get the chance.

When Hall made the decision to go back to work she decided to make sure that she had her son come with her. She said that her son was a complete natural in front of the camera and she wanted to get him a suit and tie. She said that the first time Moses saw the camera he just locked in on it and was ready to do his thing. Hall shares that she received some criticism for her returning to work. She told all of her fans about how excited she was to return to work and one commenter wrote, "your poor baby is going to miss you." Hall was really upset by this and said that too many working moms are shamed for their decision. And then she said, "my poor baby is right next to me." She is excited to be able to have the time to discuss her life, her decision to return to work and all about her son when her show premiers.

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