10 TV Shows About Pregnancy That Every Expecting Mom Should Be Watching

What is a better way to relax and chill out after a long day at work or bustling about the house than curling up on the sofa with a fantastic TV series to watch? If you are a pregnant mom, there are plenty of shows out there about pregnancy that will have you shaking your head and saying things like “I thought I’m the only one who felt that!” or “I’m so glad this actually happens to pregnant women!”

Below is a list of awesome, thrilling and entertaining TV shows that will show you how our culture perceives pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

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I didn’t know I was Pregnant
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10 I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

I didn’t know I was Pregnant

You must have heard the incredible stories of women who did not know that they were pregnant until the labor pains kick in or a few days prior to birth. This American TV series by Discovery Health is an intriguing compilation of such stories.

Some of the explanations that viewers have for this phenomenon are having an inactive fetus, issues with conception experienced over a long time, dieting, heavily irregular periods, and dieting! This show will entertain and amuse you all at the same time.

9 16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant

This MTV show has been airing since 2009, and it is all about pregnant teens, the trouble and hardships they experience, how they balance their teenage responsibility and pressure of being a young mom, and how they are preparing for their baby’s arrival.

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Just like any other reality TV show, there is a huge serving of drama; baby daddy issues, emotional upheavals, and all the other drama you can expect from a show with teens going through such a life-changing experience. This show will give you perspective into the financial, physical, psychological and social issues that pregnant teens have to put up with.

8 I’m pregnant and…

I’m pregnant

This three-season American TV show features stories about pregnant women going through several severe challenges through the nine-month journey.

You will get to see how pregnant women also dealt with severe health issues like Bipolar Disorder, addiction to drugs and other problems like homelessness. This show will help you to feel inspired and face the problems you are going through with your head held high.

7 Parenthood


If you are a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, then you must have enjoyed Lauren Graham’s performance and will enjoy it as well in this show.

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Parenthood is all about the three generations of the Braverman family; the challenges they go through as a family, the challenges and triumphs of falling in love, getting married and pregnant, and having babies. This show is fun, entertaining, and will remind you of the magic and pleasure of watching your child grow up.

6 Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy

This TV series brings a comical and rather unconventional aspect of parenting. It is an American TV show that is all about Ben, whose one-night stand got preggers and left his baby at his place, he is now bound to bring his little girl up, and opts to get help from his brother, two buddies, and his mom, Bonnie.

The show is not as serious and will be great for you when all you need is to unwind and relax your mind over a good laugh.

5 The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

Many moms often look back at their single life and wish they could go back to that simple, responsibility-free life. If you often feel the same way and resent your pregnancy, then this is the show to watch.

Mindy Lahiri is the image of today’s working and a single lady going through the hassle of dating drama and the need to prove that she is brilliant and single despite other people’s thoughts. This show will be a welcome break and will make you be grateful for your little one and young family.

4 Friends

Friends TV Show

Everyone loves this old classic that rocked the 90s. This hilarious comedy will add an element of fun to your days and give you a much-needed laugh.

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Then there is that part when Phoebe becomes a surrogate for her brother; walk with her and laugh at her amusing takes on pregnancy, the challenges she goes through; like when she craves meat and won’t eat it because she loves animals. This show will remind you how important it is to have someone by your side through pregnancy and encourage you to involve them.

3 Jane the Virgin!

Jane the Virgin!

No one starts a list on the best pregnancy and mom shows without Jane the Virgin. A routine visit to the gynecologist completely transforms her life when her doctor artificially inseminates her, making her a pregnant virgin mom!

The dad is a rich hunk, Rafael, with whom Jane decides to raise her baby and build a career as a writer. This pleasant, ye drama-filled show is an excellent binging option for your really bad days.

2 Riverdale


This much-loved show follows Polly Cooper, a girl who had to be sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to help conceal her pregnancy. One the truth came out, both her family and that of Polly’s baby daddy, Jason Blossoms fought to care for Polly’s baby.

An interesting twist comes when Polly delivers twins. Polly finally moved out to avoid the drama and threats and supremacy wars and stays at The Farm. This drama-filled show will make for intense guilty pleasure for you to binge on.

1 The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

The secret life of the American Teenager

If you are a huge fan of teenage drama shows, then this is the show for you. Amy, a fifteen-year-old teen gets pregnant when she has sex at band camp with Ricky Underwood. She already has a pleasant boyfriend named Ben who is surprisingly supportive of her despite her situation. This drama follows Amy, her family initial dismay and eventual support, her friends’ take, and Ricky’s frustration and desire to be part of baby John’s life.

There are plenty of fantastic shows for you to binge on and make your 9-month pregnancy journey a little less daunting and scary. Just grab a blanket, curl up on the couch and enjoy these captivating shows.

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