Twelve Year Old Girl Plays Guitar For Babies In The NICU

Twelve year old girl plays classical music to babies while they are in the NICU.

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When Isabella Ciriello was born she spent the first three months of her life in the NICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Isabella was born 16 weeks early and she spent her entire time during her NICU stay in an isolate crib. Her mother said that Isabella seemed to respond really well to classical music and she listened to classical musical until she was able to leave the NICU and go home with her family. When he mother shared the experience about her listening to classical music for the first three months of her life, Isabella believes the time during her stay in NICU was probably the reason she loves playing classical music so much on her guitar.

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Isabella thought that since listening to music during her stay at the hospital she wanted to help babies who are currently spending their lives in the NICU.  She now volunteers her time by going to the the same hospital when she was little baby and she plays her guitar for the children in the NICU. Isabella found the doctor that helped her when she was a baby and she now plays for his current patients.

ABC News

Isabella said that she loves being able to go to the hospital and spend her time with the babies, because she used to be one of them. She said it feels good being able to give back to babies that are stuck in the hospital and have to stay away from their families.

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Isabella feels strongly that classical music helped her during her stay while in the hospital and she hopes that her music will help the babies. Dr. Jeffery Periman, one of the doctors in the NICU, says that classical music can help soothe the babies while they eat, sleep and grow. Dr. Periman thinks that it is a great idea for music to be played to the babies who are spending their first few months in the NICU and he is so happy that Isabella spends her own time to help these sweet angels.

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