Twilight 6 Years Later: 15 Actors Who Are Parents Now

Vampires, werewolves, Volturi, oh my! We know that according to the strict vampire laws set in place by the not-so-altruistic Volturi, vampires are forbidden to have "children". In centuries pre-dating the existence of the Cullens, it's portrayed in Breaking Dawn that vampires would turn children in order to have an "immortal child". This, in turn, rendered the child frozen at that age and unable to learn or control their hunger. Obviously, Twilight is just a crazy whirlwind of supernatural lure written by Stephanie Meyer, although we're pretty sure that some moms can personally attest to the "hungry monster" aspect of having an immortal child...Kids will do anything when they're hangry.

Many of the actors and actresses that played and represented these vampires and werewolves do have children in real life, though, and fans may be surprised to find out who's a parent off-screen. Some of these are major characters from both the movie and the book, while others are minor or support characters whom fans might learn something new about. Either way, their children are totes adorbs and probably think it's pretty awesome to have a parent who is also a rebel against the Volturi -- Or possibly a part of it.

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15 Rosalie: Nikki Reed Married Another Vampire, Ian Somerhalder


There couldn't be a more perfect on-screen and off-screen match than Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. While Reed is well-known for playing the stunning yet slightly judgmental Rosalie in all Twilight Saga movies, Somerhalder is well-known for his portrayal of "Damien" in The Vampire Diaries -- Also based on a book about crazy vamps.

What brought these two lovebirds wasn't their keen love for the supernatural, however, and they were married in 2015. They announced their pregnancy with a baby bump photo on IG and Reed writing, "I know you, but only because I feel you. How is it possible to love someone so much already? All I know for sure is it's the strongest feeling I've ever felt." Two years later came the birth of their beautiful baby girl (also not an immortal child) on July 25th, whom they uniquely named Bodhi Soleil. In 2016, the two were under fire because of what was originally meant to be an amusing moment that turned into a battle for women's rights by a journalist. During a pregnancy podcast with Dr. Berlin, Somerhalder jokingly admitted to "throwing out" Reed's birth control pills while on a trip to Spain. Although the two laughed it off and made clear that the decision to start a family was mutual, certain media sources targeted it as controlling behavior from Somerhalder. Reed later defended her husband and their future child by saying, "Don’t talk about consent to me. And lastly, how dare you try to cast a dark shadow over one of the happiest most memorable days of my life – you’re not only disrespecting me but my baby." And judging by their beautiful family photos, we're guessing it's still the happiest day of their life.

14 James: Cam Gigandet Isn't Really A Bad Guy


You might not recognize Cam Gigandet from his real name, but Twilight fans will definitely know of James -- The ruthless villain from the first movie in the Saga.

While his character is portrayed as a rogue, merciless vampire who's out for vengeance (but mainly Bella) with his tracker-like instincts, in real life he's a proud dad of three.

In 2015, he and fiancee Dominique Geisendorff announced baby number three would soon be joining their two children, Everleigh Rae, the oldest at six, and Rekker Radley, two. Gigandet and his two children were also featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, where he discussed how challenging it is staying in fit with kids, but he still finds the time to be active. Their third child, affectionately named Armie Heartly Gigandet, is the perfect addition to their beautiful family. The cold-blooded vamp you see in Twilight might be terrifying on the big screen, but behind-the-scenes he's just an all-around, great dad to his growing family. We're also glad to see that his kids seem to have a little rebel quality about them, too -- Strong enough to fight off Laurant, perhaps?

13 Victoria: Bryce Dallas Howard Is The Star Of Jurassic World


From rogue vampire assassin to Jurrasic World superstar dinosaur-slayer, Bryce Dallas Howard has definitely made it big as far as movies go.

Obviously, her most recent star role in the rebooted Jurrasic World series is what most people now know her from. True fans, however, know they've recognized that face elsewhere -- As the red-headed raging vampire from Twilight.

As vengeful as controlling as she appears in Eclipse, that character couldn't be further from the truth as far as her real life goes. In 2006, she married Seth Gabel, her long-time boyfriend whom she'd met at NYU and is also an actor. The two had dated for five years before eventually tying the knot and having their first child less than a year later, Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel. Not only is Beatrice Jean totally adorable, but she's also best friends with the son of her mom's current co-star's son, Jack -- Son of Chris Pratt. The two are "in love" according to Pratt, which is seriously the cutest thing. Howard doesn't just have one child, though; she and Gabel also had a son named Theodore, who goes by Theo. In an interview with W Magazine, Howard expressed how thankful she is that her children get to experience being on-set with her and see that aspect of her life. Her father is director Ron Howard, so we'd have to say the film industry runs pretty deep in their (awesome) family.

12 Carlisle: Peter Facinelli Really Is A Dad, But Not A Vampire


Everyone knows heartthrob Carlisle, the town doctor who seems to save the day in some way or another during every movie.

He also serves as the words of wisdom for Edward, the peacemaker between all creature sides, and the loving and devoted husband of Esme. He got his start on acting in the late 90s before landing the major role as Carlisle in Twilight.

His parents immigrated from Italy and were hard workers, so it's no surprise to know that he studied acting at NYU before breaking into the biz. Since then, he's gotten significant roles on several popular television shows, but what's truly important to him are his three children. After meeting Jennie Garth on An Unfinished Affair, the two were married in 2001 and their three daughters, Luca, Lola, and Fiona, shortly followed. Unfortunately, Facinelli and Garth split up in 2013, but that doesn't stop him from being a pretty cool dad. Because really, how many girls can say that their father was cast as one of the coolest vampire doctors to ever take the big screen? It's nice to know that he's just as good a dad in real life as he is to his adopted Cullen children.

11 Angela: Christian Serratos Went From Vampires To Zombies


As of late, many people know Christian Serratos from her character on The Walking Dead, Rosita. Before she was slaying zombies though, she was unknowingly attending high school with vampires on Twilight.

Her role slowly fizzled out by the end of the Saga, but she was still a great friend to Bella nevertheless -- never failing to provide sage advice or be there to listen. What many people also might not know is that she was pregnant during a majority of her screen time for The Walking Dead, which made for some interesting styling and positional changes on-set. The character of Rosita was initially fairly well-known for wearing midriffs and not really caring what people thought of her. As Serratos progressed in her pregnancy, her midriffs became huge t-shirts and her super-confident poses were more like subtle crouches with conveniently-placed weapons to hide her growing baby. Funny enough, she wasn't the first one on The Walking Dead to need some minor alterations to her acting to hide the fact that she was well into her pregnancy -- Alanna Masterson also needed the same changes. Sometime into Season eight of The Walking Dead last year, Serratos and boyfriend David Boyd announced the birth of her beautiful baby girl.

10 Aro: Michael Sheen Is An A-List Celeb


Michael Sheen did double-duty as far as supernatural roles go in 2009. He appeared in both Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and The Twilight Saga: New Moon but has, of course, been known for other major roles as well. His role as Aro was flawless, capturing every aspect we'd expect out of the leader of an old-as-time cult of murderous Italian vampires. His chilling portrayal of Aro is the complete opposite of what he really does with his time, though.

He's a leader in more ways than one and is actively involved in the Wales Council for Voluntary Action as their president, as well as an ambassador for TREAT Trust Wales, Keep Wales Tidy, and Into Film, and is a patron of various charitable societies.

As far as his personal life, he dated Kate Beckinsale from 1995 to 2003 and had a beautiful daughter, named Lily Mo Beckinsale-Sheen, in 1999. Their relationship ended in 2003 but the two have remained close friends, not only for the sake of their daughter but for themselves, as well. Sheen was quoted as saying of Beckinsale that she, "will always be one of the most important people in my life. I have real love for her." The feeling is mutual for Beckinsale.

9 Renee: Sarah Clarke Isn't Just Bella's Mom


While we wouldn't necessarily call Bella's mother, Renee, a minor character, she still didn't have much screen time compared to the others. Like Carlisle, she's another Twilight actor who isn't just a parent on the big screen, but one in real life as well.

Before she was known as Bella's mom, she played Nina Myers on 24 and was more notably known for that before landing a role in the Saga.

She's had quite some journey up until being cast in the role of Renee, and the actress studied both Fine Arts and Italian before becoming interesting in acting full-on during her senior year abroad in Italy. However, when she came back she didn't jump into acting right away -- She studied architectural photography and was compensated with free acting lessons before attending Circle in the Square Theatre School, as well as Axis Theater Company and The Willow Cabin Theatre Company. Her big break came in 1999, where she was cast in an award-winning Voltswagon commercial. When she scored her part as Nina on 24, she met her current husband Xander Berkeley, who played her supervisor on-set. The two were married in 2002 and have two daughters, Olwyn Harper and Rowan.

8 Charlie: Billy Burke Isn't Just Bella's Dad


You simply just can't hate Charlie Swan. He's the nonchalant, unsure dad to Bella and also the town's lovable and well-known sheriff. In Twilight, he's known for his awkward parenting moments (that eventually become more natural as the Saga progresses) and for loving pie at the local diner. In real life, he's known most recently for several roles including Cesaire in Red Riding Hood, Miles Matheson in Revolution, and for his brief role in Lights Out from 2016. He got his start in acting in 1990, and since then has consistently scored roles as some pretty unique characters both on television shows and in movies.

His most recent movie role was in Breaking In, starring alongside Gabrielle Union in the thriller that made its big debut on Mother's Day of this year.

Despite countless roles, Burke is no stranger to the state that Forks is based in: Washington. It's where he was born and bred and constitutes a funny similarity between his real-life self and the character of Billy that he portrays in Twilight. He's another actor who is also a parent in real life and has one daughter named Bluesy LaRue Burke with his wife and fellow actress, Pollyanna Rose.

7 Mr. Molina: José Zúñiga Has Been Busy, And So Has His Daughter


Admittedly, José Zúñiga was not cast in a major role for Twilight. That's okay though because we thought Mr. Molina was a pretty A-okay science teacher.

He's recognizable most notably in the scene from the first Twilight movie and Edward and Bella are assigned to work on a microscope project together.

Amidst Edward's uncomfortable nature that causes Bella to think she didn't wear enough deodorant that day, they succeed in flying through their assignment and end up winning a weird, unnaturally shiny golden onion. His other notable scene is during a school trip to a local greenhouse, in which he's seen lecturing students on the importance of compost before Edward shows Bella what he truly is -- Not the most glamorous of scenes, but still fun to watch regardless.

Despite his minor Twilight role, Zúñiga has been seen in a variety of other notable shows and movies, including The Dark Tower, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., CSI, and The O.C.

Of his many accomplishments is also his daughter, Stella Zuniga, who has a claim to fame herself. In 2014, she followed in the footsteps of her dad and appeared on Math Bites, a cute educational film teaching kids how to do math easily, as a dancer.

6 Paul: Alex Meraz Has So Many Talents


Alex Meraz is best known for playing the part of Paul Lahote in both New Moon and Eclipse. It was his first major role and one that his wife, Kim, encouraged him to try out for. In her mind, he was perfect for the role they were looking to fill and it turns out that she was right.

Meraz attended the New School for the Arts and his other passions include painting and illustrating. He's also fairly active, taking pride in his breakdancing as well as martial arts, in which he practices karate and has won several tournaments.

Meraz and Kim have two sons, Somak and Talus Alexander. Actor Raoul Trujillo is a godfather to Somak but also a fond mentor to Meraz as well. Their first son has a pretty significant meaning to his name; Somak means "beautiful one" in the indigenous language of Quechua. It seems that not only was he a perfect fit for the role, but it seems that the Quileute tribe was definitely reminiscent of his own roots as well. He may not have had a huge role in the Twilight Saga, but it was enough to get him recognized and cast in several other roles since.

5 Felix: Daniel Cudmore Became An X-Man


Yet another notable member of the Volturi is Felix, who was only slightly terrifying whilst standing next to Dakota Fanning as Jane. We're convinced that all of the Volturi have that same glaringly evil look down pat, but in real life, Cudmore just looks like a sweetheart.

He stuck to the supernatural acting roles and took on the role as Colossus in X-Men II and III, but we know he's not a tough villain in real life. When he's not acting larger than life (literally) on the big screen, he's home with his wife and child.

Not much is known about this actor's personal life, probably for the better -- Some celebs just enjoy keeping their personal life private, and there's nothing wrong with that. Cudmore's family is big into sports and his brother actively plays on the Canadian World Cup Rugby team. He's the middle child of all three of his brothers, all having grown to a height of over 6'6 (wow, and ouch). With that knowledge, it's easy to see how he landed his role as Colossus. He might have frightened the Cullens in Twilight, but we're pretty sure that his heart lies with his other career passion: Being a stuntman.

4 Liam: Patrick Brennan Became An Agent Of S.H.E.I.L.D


Patrick Brennan is still relatively new on the scene as far as acting goes, he only got his start in the early 2000s with the role of "Patrick Lampson" in Palco & Hirsch. His big break came during The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 when he was cast as Liam, and he hasn't been in any major movies since.

The only other role he's been in since lending the hand to his fellow Vampires in Breaking Dawn has been the character of Blackout in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

While not much is known about his personal life other than he's the son of Emmy winner and Academy Award nominee Eileen Brennan, there is a decent amount we know about the character of Liam he portrayed in Twilight. Liam was of the Irish coven of vampires and had one notable line in the movie that, if you still have no idea who he is, will jog your brain: "No one does rebellion like the Irish." For being born in Cali, this guy puts on one heck of a solid Irish brogue. What we do know is that he's been married twice and while he's not a father on-screen, he's a father to three children off-screen that he had with his first wife. We wonder if they, too, can speak like the Irish?

3 Phil: Ty Olsson Became A Vampire Again


We're pretty sure that Phil only had one, maybe two lines total in the movie. We can confirm that Renee spent more time talking about him than he actually spent talking himself, so that must count for something. Ty Olsson played the role of Renee's boyfriend, minor league baseball player Phil. He's seen most notably kind of in the background of the scenes where Renee is talking to Bella and doesn't really do much other than serving as the reason Renee eventually settles down in Florida.

Olsson must have a soft spot for vampires, because not only did he star in Twilight, but he also took on the role of Benny, a vampire in season eight of Supernatural.

He has stared in a pretty decent amount of other major motion pictures, and his credits usually involve him playing a burly character that you definitely wouldn't want to mess with. His television credits are just as long and while he's not a huge actor, he's one you'd probably recognize. Olsson also has a career in voice acting and is known in Canada (where he was also born) for his voice acting in Class of the Titans. He was married to Leanna Nash until their eventual divorce in 2012, and together they have two daughters.

2 Chet: Michael Adamthwaite Is Still Acting, Even If You Haven't Seen Him


We don't blame you for not remembering "Chet" from New Moon. You probably don't recognize him because he was one of the more easily-hated characters and he wasn't even a villain -- Remember that scene where Bella agrees to go shopping with her friends even though she really has no interest, just so she can find some danger and hopefully see the vision of Edward again? Well, Chet was the biker who attempted to flirt with her before she almost rides away into the grimy night with him. His most notable (and pretty much only) line from the movie was, "I'll be whoever you want me to be. So, whaddya say?" We know, we're cringing just thinking about it. The character of Chet wasn't in the book by Stephanie Myer and his character was created solely for the purpose of Bella's personal gain with her Edward-vision.

In reality, Adamthwaite is a native Canadian and has been in a bunch of minor movies, but is currently working as a writer and has started the design process for his own book that he's hoping to publish soon.

Outside of the media spotlight, Adamthwaite was married to his wife, Danika, in 2006 and they have two children together.

1 Maria: Catalina Sandino Moreno Married A Star


If you don't remember who Maria is, do you really know Twilight? Upon hearing Jasper's sad story, you find out that Maria was the vampire that turned him and also broke his heart. It's sad but at the same time endearing, because it led him to his mate, Alice. But we're not here to discuss Jasper, we're here to talk about Catalina Sandino Moreno. Moreno was born in Columbia and has been in a decent amount of productions, most notably Maria Full of Grace in 2004 and Che: Part One in 2008. Along with being an actress, she's also a producer and has credits in Fast Food Nation as well, which came out in 2006.

Moreno is married to actor David Elwell, who has had some pretty significant roles in movies over the last decade.

The two dated for four years before finally tying the knot in 2006 and have one child together, whom Moreno gave birth to at 27 in 2009, one year before she was cast as Maria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Though she was uncredited in her role, she had fans convinced of her seemingly pure demeanor until she plunged her fangs into Jasper and gave him the life that led him to the Cullens.

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