10 Twin Boy Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2020

Welcoming a new baby is always exciting. When you're welcoming more than one new family member the fun is more than doubled. Choosing a baby name is one of the most fun and exciting elements of new parenthood but it can also be a difficult choice. Add in a second baby and suddenly the pressure is mounting to choose not only one perfect name but two!

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If you're stumped for the perfect pair of names for your little guys check out this list of suggestions. Are you looking for names that rhyme? Do you want both of your children to have the same initials? Are you looking for oldfashioned or new classics? No matter what your naming priorities are you're sure to find a pair that fit your needs.

10 Jex & Rex

This combination is a winner for several reasons. Shorter baby names are becoming more and more popular. A cute rhyming scheme is always fun too. When you take a deeper look at these two cute, up and coming names, you see an irresistible story. Rex is derivative of the Latin word for "king". Jex means supplanter or overthrower of kings. Brothers close in age and especially twins often enjoy a playful rivalry. These names could be a conversation piece for the rest of their lives and fuel hours of brotherly ribbing.

9 Oscar & Oliver

Classic names are making a huge comeback especially those of the "little old man" variety. Both of these names fit the bill perfectly. They're easy to spell, easy to pronounce and easy for a little one to learn.

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Pairing up twin names with the same first letter has always been popular. The hard "r" at the end of each name ties them together even more. The meaning of each name compliments each other as well. Oscar means "divine spear" and Oliver means "the olive tree". Both are timeless symbols of strength, purity, and perseverance. These are fine names for any young man.

8 Aiden & Ethan

Aiden is a Gaelic name meaning "little fire". Ethan is Hebrew and means "strength". These names sound incredible next to each other. They also suit a wide range of personalities. Ethan may be the strong, silent type or the opinionated, outspoken type. His brother Aiden may have a burning, passionate personality or be a source of warmth to all those around him. These names are classic, handsome and look fabulous on a resume.

7 Kai & Knox

These two names are meant to be together. Kai is a Hawaiian staple that means "sea". Knox means "round hill" and hails from Scotland. Both names follow the current trend toward shorter names and start with the trendy "k". The "x" on the end of Knox makes this a popular name power couple.

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Not to mention, they just sound adorable together. These names could be perfect for a family that wants to include the geography of their home in the meaning of their children's names.

6 Caleb & Joshua

These names evoke images of pious and fervent men. Caleb is a Hebrew name that means "devotion to God". Joshua is also Hebrew and means "God is salvation". If your family is deeply religious this pair may honor your values. Even for a secular family, both names are strong, classic and very handsome. Both easily lend themselves to adorable nicknames as well making them perfect choices to follow little boys through the seasons of life.

5 Archie & Arrow

The British Royal family has always had some influence on the popularity of baby names around the world. Little Archie has certainly given his classic name a huge boost since his public debut. This combination has a beautiful ring to it. It evokes heroic images of Robin Hood or Orien. Archers and arrows go together like two peas in a pod. The matching initials are pretty cute too.

4 Henry & William

These names obviously pay homage to the handsome sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Naming babies after members of the British Royal family never goes out of style. Both of these princely names have strong character and classic appeal.

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The initials look fantastic paired together as well. This an easy home run when it comes to naming two perfect little boys. William means "resolute protector" and Henry means "home-ruler". Both meanings create an image of noble little men.

3 Rogue & Ramirez

Lovers of Fortnite will appreciate both of these names. Ramirez pays respects to a strong female character. She's one of the most ubiquitous and hardcore character models in the game. Her archetype and skin appear all over the Fortnite brand. Rogue is the name of one of the biggest E-Sports teams in North America. For any serious gaming family, both of these names will pay homage to your shared hobby. For couples who met playing the wildly popular game, these names would make the perfect commentary on the beginnings of their family.

2 Chuck & Taylor

Whether you love basketball or you're just an old fashioned sneakerhead this adorable pair of names is perfect for you. Chuck Taylor's iconic brand Converse has been killing the sneaker game for decades. A crisp pair of all-stars is appropriate for any setting from the basketball court to the red carpet. These names, like the brand they evoke, are classic, timeless and never out of place. Not to mention how fitting these names are for kids of punk parents.

1 Starke & Tyrion

Names that nod to the incredibly popular "Game Of Thrones" have taken off recently. Tyrion is a Celtic name which means "from the land of the well-born". The character was dangerously clever and his sharp wit contributed to an amazing sense of humor. Those are both traits to celebrate in a son. The house of Starke is one of the most respected in Westeros. They have a noble lineage they can trace back over 800 years. Both of these names honor any little boy. If your family shares a love of the books or show that inspired these names choosing them could be a fun way to acknowledge your fandom.

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