10 Twin Girl Names That Are Perfect And Unique

Coming up with baby names is not an easy task, especially for twins girls. As such these days, it seems mentally reviewing the family tree for inspiration is not as useful. Perhaps you have found yourself browsing endlessly through the internet with your significant other for ideas. And while simplicity remains key for some, dwelling on the subject in order to come up with the best name is a fairly arduous experience. Regardless of which category you may find yourself in, it remains that most want their babies to have both unique and significant names. Luckily for you, your frustration-filled and lengthy search ends here. Whether you are expecting, adopting, or simply hoping to pitch a few ideas by a close one, here is a list of unique names for twin girls.

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10 London and Paris

How about naming your baby girls after the two most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities of the world sound good? Although these two cities bear a lot of similarities, they also have notable characteristics which uniquely set them apart. And indeed, this reflects the idea of twins being so similar, yet uniquely different. Paris is the city of lights, full of vibrancy, delicious foods, history, and more. While London is equally captivating, rich in history, diversity, and culture.

Deciding which twin gets what name does not really matter, as each city is of equal importance and holds a special place in our hearts for a reason.

9 Winter and Frost

If uniqueness is your aim, the names Winter and Frost is the way to go. While both referring to the icy and beautiful season of Winter, these twin girl names remind us of the many wonderful things which are tied to the season. Ice skating with your significant other or loved ones, sitting by the fireside with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, making snowmen or counting up the days until Christmas. Winter is the season of family, love, bonding, and fun. Frost, on the other hand, usually accompanies this lovely season and coats the earth with beautiful snowflakes. Winter and Frost is the perfect name for your twin girls.

8 Faith and Grace

Along with being individually unique, the names Faith and Grace hold thoroughly powerful meanings. These biblical names embody the concepts of resilience, strong beliefs, and admirable character. Grace represents the merciful grace of God, while faith is defined by an unwavering belief and confident trust in God. Moreover, if you are not religiously inclined, their meanings remain just as potent. Faith may simply embody the credence in good things which are meant for our highest and greatest good. Similarly, grace is synonymous to poise, gentleness, and tenderness—all things which may best capture your twin girls.

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7 Iris and Ivy

Names rooted in Greek mythology can only offer meaning and creativity. The name Iris ties to the Greek goddess of rainbow and messenger to the Gods. Additionally, the particular name also relates to the colored part of our eyes, which can easily translate into its owner being the apple of one's eye. Furthermore, the name Ivy routes back to the unique properties of a strong tree, which, in old Irish scriptures, was believed to convey protection and strength while its branches carried great luck and fertility.

6 Heaven and Nevaeh

These names are unique as they both convey the same meaning. The concept of heaven ties to many wonderful things regardless of religion or personal beliefs. Heaven relates to all things good, limitless, and all-encompassing. Evidently, this easily ties to the future and potential of your little children. On the other hand, Nevaeh means the very same thing as it is simply the word "heaven" reversed. It would be a truly ingenious idea to name your baby girls after these two unique names because both youngsters are slices of heaven in their own right.

5 April and June

Months of the year may also serve as great inspiration for baby names. Precisely, the months of June and April which are equally unique and expressive. June encompasses the beginning of summer and embodies everything from the end of school to enjoying ice cream on a hot, sunny day. April is also special in its own right as it relates to the beginning of spring, an equally beautiful season which symbolizes the arrival of colorful tulips, warmer weather, and it sets off the countdown to summer. Hence, you may name the first twin April and the second June as they follow each other in sequence. Moreover, the arrival of one hints the arrival of the other. Indeed, a witty idea behind these beautiful and meaningful names.

4 Lily and Dahlia

There are countless types of flowers which can serve as names, especially to baby girls. Though for twin girls, Lily and Dahlia may be fitting. Lily flowers are simply breathtaking, trumpet-shaped and colorful. Moreover, its pleasant smell makes it center to several popular fragrances for a reason. In terms of name origins, however, Greek mythology ties the beautiful flower to birth, motherhood, and promise. Dahlia closely follows as yet another dazzling flower with its colorful variations and budding borders. Dahlias represent rarity, elegance, and dignity.

3 Hazel and Maeve

This name combination holds powerful meanings and remains certainly fitting for girls. Maeve is of Irish origin and embodies the etymological meaning of "the cause of great joy" or "she who intoxicates," in a good way, of course. Such name represents sovereignty and female strength. Moreover, Hazel is far more than the nut-bearing shrub. Indeed, the name's significance relates to wisdom and inspiration, both faculties which are to be praised and respected. Together, these two names make for a powerful duo of strong women, and even perhaps future leaders of the world.

2 Luna and Stela

Astrology and the stellar system may grant you the perfect names for your twin girls. Luna is synonymous with the mysterious moon, which ever so often offers us a glimpse into its breathtaking beauty. The name also ties to the Roman mythological goddess of the moon, who drove her moon chariot across the heavens. And Stela, on the other hand, is linked to the captivating stellar system and its shining stars. Together, these names make for beautiful, unique and interstellar concepts which may only hint at parents who love their baby girls to the moon and back.

1 Arya and Cersei

This twin name combination may speak to the Game of Thrones fans profoundly. While the two characters were not exactly the best of friends on the show, it does not mean your baby girls won't be. Both Arya and Cersei are beautiful names and perhaps may instill a major characteristic both female warrior reflected. That is the idea of a being a power woman with drive and spunk. Along with being uncommon, these rare names are each linked to powerful themes. Arya relates to the Indian etymological definition of a lioness and noble goddess. Cersei relates to Greek mythology in its relationship to the goddess of magic and enchantment.

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