10 Twin Girl Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2020

Picking a name for one baby girl can sometimes be hard enough, but add twin babies to the mix, and it can often be a bit more challenging. However, parents-to-be shouldn’t stress themselves out when choosing names for their little ones; it should be an exciting and memorable time. A name is the first gift—besides the gift of life—that parents will give to their children. And that is something that is very special.

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If parents are looking for the perfect names for their twin girls who will be born in 2020, they are in the right place. We have a list of 10 twin girl names that will be all the rage in 2020. So, please continue reading!

10 Heaven & Nevaeh

Heaven and Nevaeh would be the perfect names that parents could choose for twin baby girls who are expected to be born in 2020. These names fit together perfectly! Nevaeh is actually Heaven spelled backward. Whoever thought of spelling such a lovely word backward is a complete genius; it just sounds so lovely. Heaven, as a name, means “a place of eternal happiness.” Would these two names just be simply amazing together? We thought so too! These two names would work great for either fraternal or identical twin girls.

9 Aurora & Luna

Aurora and Luna are two names that sound great together and that are completely in sync. They are both gorgeous yet unique names for twin girls. These names are like day and night; literally. Aurora means “dawn” and Luna means “moon.” They are both of Latin origin. Wouldn’t your twin daughters sound great with these names? We think so! This way you would always have a sparkling smile on your face both day and night! So, why not choose Aurora and Luna as the names for your baby girls?

8 Alazae & Abigail

Alazae and Abigail would make two totally gorgeous baby names for twin girls who will be born in 2020. Alazae is an extremely rare and unique baby girl name; only about 1 in 201,893 babies are given this name at birth. And the name Abigail is just so adorable. Abigail means, “father’s joy” and “gives joy;” making it the perfect name for daddy’s little girl or mommy’s pride and joy. And Alazae doesn’t even actually have a meaning but is primarily used in the United States. A great nickname for Alazae would be Ally and for Abigail, you could call her Abby.

7 Mia & Ava

Mia and Ava go great together and would be perfect for your twin daughters. They are both short one-syllable names that are each three letters long. Mia means “mine” and Ava means “life.” In short, when you think about it, Mia and Ava together would be like saying, “my life.”

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And your little girls would definitely be your life and your world. These two names are bound to be all the rage in 2020 for twin girls! So, why not choose these two names for your little ones?

6 London & Paris

London and Paris would make for such adorable twin girl names and they fit together so well. They are both location and destination names. London is in the Capital and largest city in England, while Paris is a city and the Capital of France. The meaning of London is “fortress of the moon.” However, the original meaning of Paris as a name is unknown. These two baby girls’ names, when paired together for twin babies, are sure to be all the rage in 2020.

5 Madison & Mackenzie

The baby girl names Madison and Mackenzie pair together incredibly well for all those soon-to-be parents of twin girls out there. They are surely also going to be all the rage for twin babies in 2020. Madison means “strong fighter” and Mackenzie means “child of the wise one.” What parents wouldn’t want meanings like those for their children’s names? When it comes to nicknames, you could call your little girls Maddy and Kenzie. They are such adorable names for twins and your daughters are also going to grow up loving these names as much as you do.

4 Gabriella & Isabella

Gabriella and Isabella sound amazing when paired together and would be the perfect names for parents-to-be to choose for their daughters. Great nicknames for Gabriella would be Gabby, Ella, or even Bree. And for Isabella, you could call your little one Izzy, Ella, or Bella. Both these names have religious meanings to them.

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Gabriella means “woman of God” while Isabella means “pledged to God.” Both these names end in Ella which is probably another reason they pair together so well.

3 Faith & Hope

The girl’s names Faith and Hope pair incredibly well together which is why they would be great for your soon-to-be twin daughters. Faith means “confidence” and “belief,” while Hope means “positive expectations.” Both of these baby girl names are Old-English and comes from back in the time of the Puritans when they were both commonly used. Both these baby girl names are still commonly used, and when paired together for twin girls, they are bound to be all the rage in 2020!

2 Ella & Emma

Ella and Emma are both such sweet and adorable two-syllable, four-letter names for little girls. They would be an excellent choice for your soon-to-arrive twin daughters. These two names, when paired together, are sure to be all the rage in the upcoming year; 2020. The name Ella means “light” or “beautiful fairy woman.” And the name Emma means “whole” or “universal.” While both these names are already pretty short, you could call Ella, El as a nickname and you could call Emma, Em.

1 Kylie & Kendall

These two names would be perfect for any of the Kardashian-Jenner clan family fans out there. Kylie and Kendall would make for the perfect twin baby girl names. The name Kylie means “graceful” and “beautiful;” something that your baby girls are sure to be! And the girl’s name Kendall means “Royal Valley.” When paired together, these two names would be perfectly in sync and work in perfect harmony! Kris Jenner had a good idea when she gave her youngest girls these names!

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