Twin Girls Throw Tiny Punches At Each Other In The Womb

Going in for an ultrasound can seem pretty standard when you're pregnant; filling your bladder to the point it feels as if it's going to explode and getting covered in ice cold jelly only to have someone push on that nearly bursting bladder. Then, if you're lucky, getting to see a little black and white blob of cuteness appear on the screen wiggling his/her arms and legs. For a couple in China, there was more to the normal wiggling and kicking that we expect from babies in utero. In their case, the pregnant mother of two twin girls and the father witnessed what looked to be the girls having a sisterly brawl inside mom's womb.

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Via www.mirror.co.uk


In the ultrasound clip, the girls are shown facing each other with their hands occasionally coming in to hit the other. Now, mind you, giving these sisters the benefit of the doubt, they were probably just reacting to each other's presence and exploring their newfound motor skills, but their innocence in what looks to be a typical fight between siblings is what makes this video so sweet to watch.

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Four months after the spat, the girls were born at a hospital in Yinchuan, China weighing 4.3lbs and 3.57lbs. According to Mirror, "the parents, who have nicknamed the twin girls Cherry and Strawberry, welcomed their new arrivals last week without further surprises". The father admits that he did find the moment between the girls on the ultrasound comical but the director of the prenatal center in Yinchuan warned that it probably isn't the safest thing for them to be rough with each other in the womb given the fact there isn't a barrier between them to protect them.

Regardless, even after their sisterly altercation, the girls were born healthy with no evidence of any prenatal bruising. By the looks of things, the parents sure are going to have their work cut out for them but as with most twins, the bond that they will share will supersede any trials and tribulations that life may throw at them as the years go on (including who's on whose side of the womb).

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