Twin Sister Deliver Their Babies On The Same Day!

In Springfield, twin sisters Andrea and Jessica, delivered their babies on the same day! Talk about one strong twin connection! Jessica Penrose learned that she was pregnant at the same time as her twin sister but I guess that was not enough twin magic for them. 

They say that their pregnancies did mirror each other. “We had the same kind of morning sickness and the same aches and pains. So I had someone to call who literally knew how I was feeling right then.” explained Andrea. They were offered to be induced on the same day (since they were both past 39 weeks) but declined as they wanted to be at each others birth so they scheduled it on different days! 

Andrea went into labor first and Jessica followed shortly. The doctor went from room to room during their delivery process. Once Andrea delivered she of course visited her twin. “I actually wheeled down there so I could be in the room with Jessica,” said Andrea. “How often do you get that chance?” About four hours later, Jessica and Brandon Penrose were getting their first look at Dawson.

These Baby Cousins Were Born On The Same Day In The Same Texas Hospital

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