Twin Sisters Give Birth To Baby Boys On The Same Day In The Same Hospital Using The Same Method

Twin sisters Jalynne and Janelle share a birthday and now, so do their infant sons.

Some swear that twins have incredible abilities that us "single births" are not eligible to experience such as being able to communicate telepathically with their sibling, the ability to finish each other's sentences and thoughts as well as feeling the other's emotions and even physical pain. If this is true, identical twin sisters Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Leopoldo have taken things one step further by giving birth to baby boys on the same day in the same manner (C-section) in the same hospital. The twin sisters' baby boys were even delivered by the same doctor!


According to ABC News, Crawford and Leopoldo gave birth to their sons about two hours apart in the same Arizona hospital in June. For Crawford, her bouncing baby boy makes four while Leopoldo's new addition is her second child. Crawford is married to professional baseball player Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants and her family lives in Scottsdale, Arizona while Leopoldo, her husband, and their offspring live in Thousand Oaks, California.

"We feel when we are apart, there is a piece of us missing," Leopoldo told Good Morning America. "Our kids already feel this bond as well."

Realizing this might be the final child for Crawford, the twins hatched a plan to reunite, live together once again and experience the miracle of childbirth together. Leopoldo told GMA that growing up, she and her twin would often fantasize about getting married together and having babies at the same time. Though both married, the sisters didn't have a double wedding so together with their husbands and extended families, they decided to have a double birthing experience!

Leopoldo and her husband made the decision to temporarily move to Scottsdale once Crawford was no longer able to travel. The twin sisters got to bond over their "twin pregnancies" for three weeks until it was time to bring their baby boys into the world.


"When we approached the doctor about having the babies on the same day, he said it was fine, they were the same gestational age and due within a week of one another," Crawford said in her interview with GMA.

Soon enough, Bryson Ryder Crawford, born first, and Jace Alan Leopoldo, born two hours later, were warmly welcomed by their parents, older siblings and their aunt and uncle. The pregnant twins decided that Crawford, who is two minutes older and found out she was pregnant a week ahead of Leopoldo, would give birth first. The hospital was able to give the sisters hospital rooms right next to one another.

"For the three days we were in the hospital we were in each other's rooms all the time," said Crawford.

Before the birth of their youngest sons, the sisters visited each other often, about every three weeks or so. They have no plans to slow down their visitation schedule now due to their new additions. Both say that they plan for their sons to grow up with each other as much as they can. The sisters and their husbands call Bryson and Jace "twinousins." Even though they live in separate states, the four parents are extremely close with the husbands being fantastic friends as well. The four all met in college while attending UCLA and plan to stay as close as ever. Here's to many more family memories for the Crawford and Leopoldo families! They are the very definition of #twinninggoals.


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