Twins Born 24 Days Apart Due To Rare Life Saving Procedure!

If you have a twin, you are one of the lucky ones. Someone always by your side but many twins hate one thing, and that is sharing their birthday. These twins will never have to share a birthday because even if they were conceived at the same time, they were born 24 days apart! 

Lindalva DaSilva, 35, was thrilled to learn she was pregnant with twins but her life changed when she went into labor on February 24th, almost 4 months before her due date. The doctors tried everything to slow down the labor process but nothing was working so they tried a risky procedure that is almost never used. If conditions are good, they can remove one twin and let the other one in to develop further for days to weeks. The first twin Alexandre R.P. Antunes was born and later on March 26th came Ronaldo. Both twin boys are doing very well. 

This procedure can only be done with fraternal twins and can have complications but thankfully it turned out amazing for this mama. “One twin was born in winter, and one was born in spring,’’ said DaSilva

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