Twins Give Birth To Baby Girls On The Same Day (One Delivers Her Own Set Of Twins)

-Chris and Christina Meeko, twins from Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Canada, grew up just as most twins do: doing everything together. After they graduated, the twins settled in different communities but still remain close. At the age of 29, it came as a funny shock to everyone when the twins found out they both were expecting to be parents (again!) and due only a few weeks apart. When Chris's girlfriend, Kelly Naulalik, went into labour on the same day as Christina, even though Christina was a few weeks behind Kelly, the coincidences just got even more strange.

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On May 30th of this year, Chris's daughter Leah Naulalik was born in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut at 11 a.m by a midwife. A mere hour later, Christina delivered not one, but two baby girls of her own. The twin girls, Makaila and Brianna, were born in a hospital in Winnipeg at 12 and 12:15 p.m. Christina believes the girls are fraternal because of their slight differences in appearances and personalities already, but she isn't 100% certain.

Chris and Christina's mother, Sarah Meeko, is beyond ecstatic to be a grandmother again to three babies at the same time. "That was so amazing, we didn't ever expect anything like this," she told CBC News. She goes on to say that neither she nor Chris's mother-in-law could sleep when they got the news that both women were in labour. Now that the babies are here, she hopes she can finally rest (even though she knows her children won't).

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Chris, who now has six kids, and Christina, who now has seven, are definitely seasoned parents. Christina tells CBC News that her oldest daughter could not wait to have two more little siblings. "In school, she would always talk about that she was expecting two babies and in all her colouring, she would draw two little babies along with the rest of her siblings and us all together," Christina said.

As for Chris and Kelly, they were planning on getting married in July, but have decided to postpone until later this year once everything settles down with the three new babies in the family. Christina, who has yet to meet baby Leah, cannot wait to see everyone together to celebrate the wedding and the birth of the babies.

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