It's Twins for Modern Family's Haley Dunphy

The Modern Family crew better dust off their rattles and strollers because everyone's favorite family is about to welcome a little one.

Oh, wait.

One baby would be too predictable for this popular sitcom. Wednesday's episode gives viewers a look at a pregnant Haley Dunphy's ultrasound where the tech discovers not one, but TWO heartbeats. Yep. Little Haley is all grown up, and now she and her lovable but dense boyfriend Dylan are about to become the proud parents of twins.

The news hits the momma-to-be like a ton of bricks. Girl, we get it. Us twin moms know the news is often jarring at first. Haley insists that she can't have two babies growing inside of her. She wonders (and panics) aloud, how are the babies going to fit inside of their quaint little place, more importantly how are the babies both going to fit inside of her body? She also sadly realizes that having twins brings about a bevy of other changes, like having to navigate double strollers and that sleep will suddenly become a thing of the past, a distant memory of life you hard before babies.

Yes, Haley, a lot is going to change in nine months.


Thankfully Haley won't have to go it alone. Her mom Claire was right there, reassuring her that her mother's intuition will kick in and she will know how to care for her children just fine. Claire let her little girl know that no matter what, she would "be right over your shoulder on the wings of a hummingbird.” We would say that with Clair and Phil there as a support system, Haley and Dylan will get a great crash course in parenthood. Clair might be a bit extra, but she is a great mother, no one can take that away from her.

So yes, twins are headed for the Dunphy family, and now we can only hope that we will get to see the little guys grow up a bit. As of now, it is unclear as to if and how much further the show will move past season ten. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that the producers and the writers throw us a bone and keep Modern Family in our lives and television programming for a couple more seasons at least.

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