10 Time-Saving Tips For Parents Who Have Twins

Having one baby can be hard enough, but when a parent has twin babies at home it really is double the trouble and double the time, effort, and work that moms and dads have to do. But there are a few tips for parents of twins that may be able to save them some time. When a parent has twins, it may feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Instead of a 24 hour day, a 48 hour day may be more efficient. But since that is impossible, time-saving tips will have to do! Continue reading to see 10 time-saving tips for parents who have twins!

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10 Develop A Schedule (And Stick To It)

The best thing a parent with twins can do would be to create a realistic schedule for their kids. The hardest part of creating any schedule also happens to be the most important part of it; sticking to it. You have to create a schedule that works for you and your family. Sometimes it might take some trial and error before you come up with something that is just right. Consistency is will be the key element here. If you tend to be more sporadic, a schedule won’t work.

9 Get Things Ready The Night Before

When parents know that they have to take their twins somewhere, the night beforehand it might be a good idea to get stuff together for the next day. Parents can get their children’s clothing together for the next day, their clothing, lunches or certain types of breakfasts, or even the diaper bag if the twins are still babies. Getting anything together beforehand is so much easier than waiting until the day of. When prepared the night before, it can be an excellent time-saving tip.

8 Give Them The Same Nap And Bedtime Schedule

Once your babies are old enough to be sleep trained, generally around 6-months-old, it would be a good idea to start getting them on a set nap and sleep schedule. With twins, it’s usually a good idea to get both babies on the same nap and sleep schedule because sometimes when one twin is awake, he or she may try to wake their twin up.

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Plus, it also gives and dad a break to either get some sleep themselves or to catch up on housework or anything else that may need to be done.

7 Plan For Extra Help (In the Beginning)

When parents are expecting twin babies, before they even come home from the hospital, it would be a good idea to try to find someone who is willing to help them out for a few days in order to try to get on some kind of routine. One newborn is a handful, but two newborns are even more time-consuming. So having someone else there to help out can be time-saving as well as very helpful for new moms and dads.

6 Have A List Of Things That Have Worked In The Past To Sooth Each Child

There is oftentimes a lot of trial and error when it comes to figuring out what works to help soothe a fussy child. And when a parent has twins, what works for one child may not necessarily work for the other one. It can be very beneficial to have multiple methods for calming a cranky child down just in case the first method fails. Plus, if you already know what works for which child, you will be saving so much time instead of running through every method you could possibly think of and wasting valuable time.

5 Telling Them Apart: Color Coding

Sometimes when a parent has multiple babies at once, telling them apart when they look identical can sometimes be a time-draining hassle.

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To make it a bit easier, you can color-code your twins and have one baby dress in certain colors and put the other baby in other colors. As adorable as dressing twins alike may be, when it comes down to it, it is still a good idea to make sure that you are dealing with the correct baby at times. Plus, dressing your twins differently helps each twin establish their own identity.

4 Bathe Them Together

One way to save time when it comes to dealing with twins is to bathe them together. It will cut down on the time that you spend in the bathroom or wherever you are setting up the bathing stations. You should always make sure that you have your twins’ bathing supplies handy and within an arms reach. Parents should never, ever leave their babies and young children unattended in or even near water. It really doesn’t even matter if it’s less than an inch of water.

3 Get The Other Parent Involved

If you live with your babies’ other parent, or even if you don’t, it is an excellent idea to get the other parent involved in caring for the twins. While you are tending to one baby, the other parent can tend to the other one. Getting the other parent involved would probably be the most beneficial time-saving tip when it comes to caring for twins, but we understand that it is not always possible. For those instances when the other parent isn’t available, for whatever reason, please look at other time-saving tips on this list.

2 Feed Them Together

When your babies are old enough to eat solid foods, and you can put your little guys or gals in a high chair, an excellent way to save some time would be to try and feed your twins at the same time. You can easily alternate babies with each spoonful of baby food until the babies are full or their food is gone.

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Generally, by the time the babies can eat solid food they may also be able to hold their bottles by themselves as well which means you can also give them their bottles at the same time too.

1 Try To Network With Other Parents Who Have Twins

Networking isn’t just for entrepreneurs and business people, it can also be for parents as well. When you are the parent of a twin, the best way to learn time-saving tips about twins is to network with other moms or dads who have had multiple babies as well. Don’t know any other parents who have had twins? That’s okay too because you can easily utilize group settings across certain social media platforms that allow you to join groups where other parents can offer support and advice!

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