Twitter Weighs In To Help Chrissy Teigen Work Through The Crib-To-Bed Process

The world of Twitter helps you to peek into the lives of celebrities. So when Chrissy Teigen resorted to Twitter seeking help for some parental guidance Tweeple (People who use Twitter) immediately came to her rescue.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted that, she is indeed a little nervous about disrupting her 2-year-old daughter Luna's bedtime schedule by introducing a “big kid bed,” but she is also an aware parent understanding that this is inevitable.

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Her worry clearly emphasizes that she is not ignorant of the fact that an unhappy child can lead to an unhappy home so no wonder she took to Twitter seeking experience from fellow parents. And Tweeple did come to her with a myriad of blunt yet honest answers. Kids, whether born to celebrities or to middle-class parents, would go through feelings and would have an emotional reaction to such big events in their lives. Yes, switching to a big bed from a crib is a life-altering experience for them!

The post was responded with a host of answers ranging from quick wit humor to a little scorn to sympathetic and honest feedback.

While some of them shared amazingly cute videos of real-life challenges of such a transition for the child.

The famous American actress & dancer also pitched in with her response to Chrissy’s tweet. She has been there and done that so a little support is something is warranted towards peers going through this phase.

Different kids respond to such changes differently. It is important to remember that not all kids are the same. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that once the child grows and the child’s chest falls above the crib’s rail (while standing in the crib), it can be considered time for the big change.

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Experts and Paediatrics recommend waiting until the age of 3 to start with the transition. As a parent, the child should be able to comprehend the bedtime schedule and also be comfortable with it. Once the maturity factor is achieved then safety is a huge factor. An 18-month-old toddler ravaging the house at midnight can be a scary thought. Additionally, it might also expose the child to unnecessary dangers like touching the electric wire or a plug or playing with household items lying around. This might also disrupt sleep patterns of the baby and end up making the child cranky.

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This is indeed a big step so a few tips might make the change a little less tiresome:

Baby gates- It might be a good idea to have baby gates in place so that the baby does not venture beyond a certain periphery.

Bathroom trips – Depending on how well trained a child is about his bathroom habits as parent one might want to place a potty chair in his room restricting his need to move too far.

The "boomerang effect" – Talk about it to the child before making the change so that he understands that sleep time is not playtime and even if he wakes up in the middle, he is supposed to try and get back to his sleep.

Always be there for the baby! - No matter how well trained the baby is, he is still young and might need a parent at any moment. So be there and help a beautiful child to bloom!

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