Both Of These Women Were Able To Carry Their Son During Pregnancy

A married same-sex couple recently gave birth to their son after both of them had the opportunity to carry him during the pregnancy.

When Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter decided that it was time to start a family they were wondering which woman would get the chance to carry their child. Both Ashleigh and Bliss wanted to be pregnant with their child and it was going to be a hard decision for them to make. They weren't sure how to decide which woman would get the chance to be pregnant.

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With modern technology, Ashleigh and Bliss didn't have to choose. They didn't have to decide which one would be able to carry their child. The women learned about a procedure called “Effortless In Vitro Fertilization" and it was very successful. Both women had the chance to have their son grow inside them at some point during the pregnancy.

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Fertility specialist Dr. Kathy Doody with the Center for Assisted Reproduction said that this was the first time that two women have ever successfully carried the same child during pregnancy. The procedure began by using Bliss's egg and a donor sperm. Instead of placing the egg and sperm inside an incubator (like normal IVF) they placed them into a device called "INVOcell."  The INVOcell was then placed inside Bliss's uterus where the early development of the embryo began. After five days the INVOcell was taken out of Bliss and the embryos were immediately frozen. They were then transferred into Ashleigh's uterus. Ashleigh then carried their son for the rest of the pregnancy.  They named their son Stetson Lane Coulter and he is now 5 months old. “This is a revolutionary type of IVF,” Dr. Kevin Doody said. “It’s more accessible, it’s more affordable and it’s truly more natural.”

Both Ashleigh and Bliss say that they really are blessed to have had the opportunity to share such an important event with each other. They are very excited to be able to tell their son that they both were able to bring him into this world. We are all so excited to see the advances in technology. Hopefully, this will provide other couples to be able to bring healthy babies into this world if that is what they choose to do. Congratulations ladies on the beautiful little baby boy.

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