Tyler Hubbarb's Wife Calls Her Husband A Great 'Lactation Consultant'

For those who are fans of the very well-known band, Florida Georgia Line, band member Tyler Hubbard recently welcomed his second child into the world. The musician, and now father-of-two, shared photos on Instagram of the birth joking that he is now a "DUDEla" (doula) and fans can't get enough of it.

Hubbard's wife, Hayley, gave birth to their son, Luca Reed, two weeks ago on August 19th at 3:40 am in Nashville, Tennessee. By her side, Hubbard, 32,  stayed dedicated to making the experience as easy for his wife as possible. Photographer, Katie Kauss, captured the intimate moments between the pair showing just how great of a "DUDEla" Hubbard really was.

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In his Instagram post, Hubbard makes a point to thank his actual doula for making him such a great birthing partner. He goes on saying that his services are up for grabs "for those in need of a good shoulder to lay on during contractions, back rubs, and a good flashlight for when the head starts showing."

Not only did Hubbard play a major part in the birthing experience, but he went from DUDEla to lactation consultant soon thereafter. Helping Luca latch during those first critical moments of breastfeeding, Hubbard went above and beyond for his wife and son while they were in the hospital.

Hayley, 31, boasts about her amazing husband by sharing a black-and-white picture of him helping to get Luca to latch. Captioning the photo, "My lactation consultant @tylerhubbard- but actually 😂 Love that @katiekauss captured this because he really was reminding me how to make sure Luca was latched properly."

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With Luca now 2-weeks-old, Hubbard has shown that there is definitely more talent in him than just music, and fans are definitely gawking at his good daddy/hubby abilities. Although we know that MANY women would jump at the chance of having Tyler Hubbard be their very own "DUDEla", unfortunately, Florida Georgia Line's summer tour went back in session on August 22nd.

From the look of the pictures, we can guess that Hubbard, while trying to balance work and home life, can't wait to be back home with little Luca, Hayley and his one-year-old daughter, Olivia Rose. As for Hayley, we know she is probably busier than ever with the two little ones at home.

Congratulations to this little family on welcoming their newest addition and we can't wait to hear more stories ahead!

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