Tyler Hubbard Confident About Second Baby

Tyler Hubbard says he way more excited about baby number two than he was with baby number one, because he is so much more confident.


When people are about to be parents some are very confident because they are very uncertain about what to expect with a new baby. Some people are overly confident, because they don't understand how difficult a baby can be. Other parents may be completely terrified, because they have no idea how to take care of a baby. They worry about changing, feed, getting to sleep, and questions about the child's overall health. A lot of parents read tons of baby books to make sure they are as prepared as they possibly can be when the baby arrives. Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard was very nervous with the first baby, but he shares that he is much more confident now that his wife is pregnant with their second child.

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Hubbard said that he is very "excited" and that he is very "confident" about baby number 2. When his wife, Olivia Rose, told him that they would be expecting their first child he said he was very stressed. Hubbard admits that this pregnancy has been a lot more fun and a lot more exciting for the couple. They are not very nervous and they are just so stoked to be able to meet the little child.

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Hubbard said that he is really excited for the baby, because they know exactly what to expect with a baby. They aren't scared, because they both know how to get through the stages with a newborn and so it's just fun and no stress. He also comments that they also have a very good "team" around them that helps with Olivia and the baby. He said that he loves having his "team" because it helps them be able to enjoy the baby as much as possible can.

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We are so excited for the couple and we are stoked to be able to see the baby pictures! And don't you guys worry! You two are great parents and your babies are blessed to have you guys! Good luck you two!

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