Tyler Hubbard And Wife Hayley Are "Open" To More Kids Via Adoption

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley- who just became parents to their second child- are already eager to enlarge their family of four.

Tyler, a famous country singer who just became a father to son Luca Reed, told People in a new interview that “We’re open [to more kids], for sure, we hadn’t really made our mind completely up.”

The couple is parents to Olivia Liv Rose, a 20-month-old girl, and Luca Reed, who was born on August 19th. They're enjoying the parenting phase to the fullest and don't want it to stop. This is despite Tyler still being able to tour alongside Florida Georgia Line bandmate Brian Kelley.

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“This process has been so amazing, it’s sort of hard to think that we’re done having babies at this point, We definitely see it growing down the road," Tyler added. "But we also see us taking our time and maybe riding these two kids out for just a little while … like a few years.”

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Not only the parents, but the newly-turned elder sister also seems to enjoy her new role. “The first time she saw him, she just smiled,” Tyler says. He shared that they have been waiting for this moment for quite some time now, as Olivia has now started understanding what's happening, and is very happy to meet her little brother.

The couple'ss so keen for more babies that they've even thought of adoption as an option, too.

“We think that’d be really neat,” Hubbard said. “But we’re also wanting to do that in God’s timing and we don’t really feel like that’s now. We don’t really know what that looks like, but that’s definitely been something that we’ve talked about in the past.”

Although the couple initially planned for just two babies,  they've now gradually developed interests for more. About that, the singer said, “We initially thought maybe we’d just have two kids and potentially adopt a third, but we definitely see our family being more than just two kids."

Bandmate Brian Kelley has also recently expressed desires for having kids and enjoying parenthood, saying, "It's definitely in the cards at some point."

Both friends share the same thought of waiting for God's approval regarding kids. Kelley told that he and Hubbard have been discussing the matter and none of them want to hurry. Instead, they want it to be a natural process and wait for God’s timing.

Tyler recently confessed that though people tell him Luca resembles him, he's sure that once he grows up, he'll undoubtedly resemble Hayley more. He added that "I guess everybody thinks that I look like a 90-year-old bald man."

Needless to say, we're just wishing for more baby-dust in their arms- and are looking forward to it!

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