Uber Driver Arrested & Charged After Kidnapping A 2-Year-Old Girl


The rise of Uber and Lyft is hard to deny. People find them faster and cheaper than taxis, making them a viable option for those who can't or don't drive. Some people even want their children to use Uber or Lyft without a parent by their side! While that may seem like a convenient idea, it simply isn't a safe one to try. There are simply way too many terrible scenarios that can go down- even if a parent is around.

In Pittsburgh, Penslyvannia, 25-year-old Sharena Nancy has been arrested and charged in connection with the abduction of two-year-old Nalani Johnson. Nancy is currently behind bars inside the Allegheny County Jail on the charges of kidnapping of a minor, interference with custody of children and concealment of the whereabouts of a child.

According to the original criminal complaint, Nalani's father, Paul Johnson, was allegedly inside the car driven by Nancy alongside his toddler and his friend. They stopped at an intersection to exit the car, which is when Nancy sped off with his daughter still inside. Paul contacted police around 5PM local time to inform them of the kidnapping. In addition, he also told police that he tried to call Nancy, but she never picked up.

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By 8PM this past Saturday, Nancy was apprehended by police while in Monroeville, PA, but the child was nowhere to be found. Nancy told investigators that Paul had asked her to take Nalani to an "unnamed individual". This person then purchased the toddler for $10 000. Her description of the individual was extremely vauge, saying that they drove a silver SUV with out-of-state license plates. Paul has yet to respond to her claim as of now.

Sadly, this story has a sad ending. Just this past Tuesday, authorites located Nalani's body at Pine Ridge Park in Blairsville, PA. Authorities explained in a press conference that they believe Nancy drove with Nalani in her black 2017 Toyota Yaris with both Uber and Lyft stickers to Blairsville, located within Indiana County. Her cell phone records place her at Pine Ridge Park before she travelled back to Pittsburgh. She was later stopped along Rodi Road by a Penn Hills Police officer around the aforementioned time.

During the same press conference, investigators also revealed that Paul wasn't in Nancy's vehicle for an Uber or Lyft ride. They now believe that the pair had become acquainted over the last few months in a platonic relationship. But it appear that this platonic relationship had slowly turned romantic between the two of them. The authorities haven't revealed how they discovered this, and neither Nancy nor Paul have confirmed it to be true. But perhaps more details about the case will come to light sooner than later.

It's currently unknown what caused Nalani's untimely death, or whether Nancy will have more charges filed against her. But for right now, our thoughts are currently with Nalani and her family at this horrible time.

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