UK Says Its Citizens Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals From Birth

A new report in the UK has revealed that toxic chemicals, some of which are banned, are showing up in breast milk and even umbilical cord blood.

Most of us do all that we can to avoid coming into contact with any substances that are going to do us severe damage, for obvious reasons. That effort is magnified when we become pregnant. Most moms quit smoking and drinking alcohol, if they did either of those things to begin with. What's worrying is that we seem to be exposed to some toxic chemicals no matter how careful we are.

The Commons environmental audit committee (EAC) report recently unearthed some worrying findings, reports The Guardian. That we are exposed to a "cocktail of chemicals" before we are even born, at least if we live in the UK. The study found that toxic chemicals, such as ones used to make furniture flame-retardant, are still being used despite some of them being banned.

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That has led to moms in the UK having one of the highest concentrations of those chemicals in their breast milk in the world. Scary, and even scarier when it was revealed that those same chemicals have been discovered in the umbilical cord blood of moms and babies. MPs are now accusing ministers of not doing enough to change these worrying trends.

"Chemical flame retardants are still being widely used in our furnishings, from children’s mattresses to sofas," stated EAC chair and Labour MP, Mary Creagh. Creagh and other MPs calling for change want that change to happen now, and not for the wheels to simply be slowly put in motion. In fact, they want to see action before the new prime minister takes office less than a week from now on July 24.

These revelations are incredibly worrying. Pregnant or not, exposure to chemicals in our furniture isn't even something that would have crossed our minds. We worry about what we're eating and gas emissions from cars and perhaps a nearby factory. Hopefully, the UK government acts quickly and swiftly so we have one less thing to worry about when it comes to staying healthy.

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