UK Fertility Clinic Celebrates Birth Of 4000th Baby

A UK couple was doubly delighted when they found out that their son, born with the help of a popular UK fertility clinic, was the clinic's 4000th baby!

"We make mums." Those were the three words that Paul and Carly Cutler from Fareham in the UK were greeted with when they visited a much-loved fertility clinic called Wessex after trying for a baby for two years with no luck. Paul has a son, Stanley, from another marriage but the couple had no children together.

According to the Daily Echo, Carly and Paul decided to meet with their general care doctors first but then found out that they could get started with fertility testing privately without a referral.

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As well as being an emotional arrival for the couple, who used IVF treatment to conceive, Bertie was the 4,000th baby born through treatment at Wessex Fertility. Carly and Paul were admittedly both anxious to get started right away!

To prepare for the fertility treatment, Carly started taking medication and on the day of the egg collection, the fertility team at Wessex collected a total of 29 eggs. 12 of Carly's eggs were fertilized and of those, 4 were strong enough to form good embryos.

In the meantime, Wessex staff noticed that Carly was suffering from symptoms of OHSS, which occurs when a woman's ovaries have a strong reaction to the fertility treatment. Wessex chose to freeze the couple's 4 embryos while Carly was being monitored for OHSS. Afterward, the staff proceeded with an embryo transfer as planned and advised Carly and Paul to wait two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.



The couple said that they tried not to get their hopes up too much, but finally, when they did take the test, they were elated when they found it was positive. Carly attempted to give birth to her son naturally. But 3 days after being induced, she and Paul welcomed baby Bertie to the world via C-section. Bertie weighed 9 lbs and 5 oz on his birthday, January 14, 2019.

“I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I would feel, I cried for about a week!" Carly told Daily Echo. "Even now I can’t believe I’m a Mum. Wessex Fertility are amazing, I’ll never be able to thank them enough, they have made all my dreams come true." The staff at Wessex Fertility clinic stay true to their word, especially for Carly.  Happy 4000th baby, Wessex Fertility!

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