Check It Out: The Ultimate Baby Traveling Suitcase

Parents, traveling with a baby just got a lot easier thanks to an incredible six in one Swiss Army knife life suitcase. Now comparing it to a Swiss Army knife may seem a little crazy, but once you see what this amazing contraption can do you will understand the analogy.

The French company Canailles Dream has created La Multi, a suitcase that will make traveling with a child almost delightful. This six-in-one suitcase is not only an awesome piece of luggage, but it transforms into bassinet, changing table, a raised baby seat, a rocker baby seat, and even a bathtub. Seriously, can you image having all of those different baby necessities all in one suitcase?

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Since this product is truly life changing, parents can expect to shell out quite a bit of cash to own it. The suitcase is $642, which is not cheap, but again is not crazy expensive either especially for what parents are getting. In all honesty, some parents pay more than that for a simple stroller.

At first glance it literally looks like a giant suitcase. There is hidden storage section in the changing table section where lotions, wipes and other baby changing needs can be hidden.  The changing table section can also be placed on the legs of the suitcase, which then turns it into a rocking table. It is almost as though it is like a little bouncing chair or it pretty much appears to work the same way. There is also a cover that turns the bouncy chair into a bassinet for baby.

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“When baby arrives, parents often find themselves obliged to rein in their traveling. The equipment needed is just too cumbersome to be practical. Tourist lodgings aren’t always equipped to welcome little ones. La Multi is the perfect alternative for parents on the go: a spacious suitcase as well all the accessories and equipment needed to care for baby wherever you go. It makes it easy for families to travel, and will thrill nomadic parents,” shared a spokesperson Canailles Dream.

What do you think about the new Swiss Army knife suitcase for babies? Would you pay the money for it?

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