10 Things To Know About Getting An Ultrasound

When you are pregnant you are going to have to get several ultrasounds so doctors can check how your baby is growing and developing in your womb. But if this is your first pregnancy, then you might not know a lot about ultrasounds and what they do besides the fact that you need to get them.

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In your pregnancy, you are going to have to go for multiple ultrasounds so you want to make sure you understand what they are and why they are important. So keep reading to discover ten things you should know about getting an ultrasound during your pregnancy.

10 There Are Different Types Of Ultrasound

Something that not many women know is there is more than one type of ultrasound. According to the MarchOfDimes.org, many people have heard of the transabdominal ultrasound, where you lay on your back and they but gel of your belly, but most women have not heard of the other types of ultrasound.

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There are transvaginal ultrasounds, where it is done through the vagina, a doppler ultrasounds, to check on your baby’s blood flow, 3-D ultrasounds, and a 4-D Ultrasounds. Don’t be surprised if you go in for an ultrasound appointment and you do not get the one you are expecting.

9 What Ultrasound Detects During The First Trimester

Many pregnant women dream about the day they can get their first ultrasound photo to hang on the fridge as a reminder that they are really pregnant. But the first ultrasound you go to might not be everything you hoped and dreamed about. AmericanPregnancy.org reported that during the first-trimester ultrasound can confirm a pregnancy, confirm the heartbeat, and can assess abnormal gestation.

Remember that your first ultrasound will not let you see a clear distinctive image of your little one since they are still young and developing.

8 Are There Risks Involved?

If you are having an ultrasound done for the first time, you can be a little nervous experiencing something new. You are not alone feeling this way, some women just get nervous when going to the doctors for any reason. StanfordChildrens.org states that some women might feel a little discomfort depending on the type of ultrasound a person is getting, but they are safe for you and your baby.

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If you are feeling nervous about going into your ultrasound appointment remember that you and your baby are your doctor's patients and they would never do anything that would harm either of you.

7 Ultrasounds Are Not 100%


Ultrasounds are a common process that pregnant women have to check on their baby. Though they have been around for a while they are not 100% accurate. FamilyDoctor.org reports that no test will ever be 100% meaning that there could be something that the ultrasound does not pick up a problem that is though.

Ultrasounds are here to help guide you and your doctor throughout your pregnancy to do what is best for you and your baby. Remember though they are great for getting a sense of how your baby is developing everything reported by them is not set in stone.

6 What Ultrasounds Detects During The Second Trimester

While your first ultrasound was to really just confirm a pregnancy the second ultrasound you can get more of an idea about your baby. AmericanPregnancy.org states when you go to get your ultrasound appointment done during your second trimester your doctor can determine if you are having multiples, give you a due date, and evaluate your baby’s overall well-being.

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This ultrasound can make you and your partner feel more connected to your little one since they can get a better and more developed image of what your baby looks like.

5 Doctors Want You To Ask Questions

During your ultrasounds, you might have questions about what you are seeing on the screen and it is important that if you have any questions you talk to them with your doctor. Even if you feel like your question is silly or stupid it is not.

And doctors have heard everything, so you won’t say something that will shock them. Your doctor wants you to feel comfortable so make sure to ask any question on your mind so you don’t go home with ones you wished you asked.

4 What Ultrasounds Detect During The Third Trimester

Your third trimester of pregnancy is very different than your first trimester. Your baby what was once the size of a jelly bean is now almost fully grown and ready to be born. StanfordChildrens.org states that the ultrasounds that you get during your third trimester “to monitor fetal growth, to check the amount of amniotic fluid, and to determine the position of a fetus.”

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All of these aspects that they are checking on will help out your doctor when you are in labor or to determine if your baby is breached and you need to get a C-section.

3 They Can Last Up To Thirty Minutes

In movies and T.V. shows, when a character has an ultrasound done you see them put the jelly on the woman's belly then instantly conducts the ultrasound and then they are done. But that is not how it happens in real life.

According to AmericanPregnancy.org, many ultrasounds can last up to thirty minutes when the technician tries to find everything they need to see for the baby. And if your baby is moving around then it can be very difficult for them to get the images they need.

2 When Ultrasounds Are Done During Pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, you are going to have to get several ultrasounds so your doctor can track the growth of your baby and to make sure they are healthy. WhatToExpect.com mentions that the timeframe that you get an ultrasound is between six to nine weeks and between eighteen and twenty-two weeks.

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These timeframes are the times where your baby is hitting big developmental milestones. Don’t worry when you go in for your appointment all of the ultrasounds are common to make sure your little one is okay.

1 You Need To Prepare For It

Something that surprises many women is that they need to prepare for their ultrasound. HealthLine.com states that a woman should have three glasses of water before their ultrasound so they have a full bladder.

To have an efficient ultrasound done you need to have a full bladder so they can get a clear image of the fetus and your reproductive organs. Going in without a full bladder can mean that they can not get the ultrasound done meaning you would have to reschedule your appointment. Make sure you do not use the bathroom before you head out so they can perform the ultrasound.

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