Umbro Is Back For Your Kid’s Soccer Adventures

Umbro Is Back For Your Kid’s Soccer Adventures

You’ve got soccer playing kids? Then Umbro has got you covered.

The nearly century old supplier of sporting wear is coming out with a line of soccer stuff specifically for the summer soccer season.

Well, not specifically this summer, but it’ll be just in time for the weather to clear up so the kids can play ball again.

Is it still called “play ball” in soccer? Is that what the kids these days call it?

Anyway, Umbro is launching a clothing line for kids in conjunction with Target. Filled with affordable accouterments for your adoring offspring, your son or daughter is sure to love you if you deck them out in Umbro’s new line.

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If you think your kid isn’t into soccer, think again. Soccer is quickly taking over in North America (just as it has in the rest of the world) as the most popular sport. A 2014 survey by ESPN found that soccer was just as popular as baseball with kids aged 12-17, and youth participation in soccer has been escalating steadily year after year.


Especially for girls, as it turns out. Soccer participation growth is way higher for girls, which may have something to do with the US women’s victory at the World Cup back in 2014. That was also the most watched soccer event in US television history, by the way.

But back to clothing your kid, who will love Umbro’s new line for way more than just the cool stylings. They’re light, comfortable, and best of all, durable. You won’t have to worry about Katie needing a new cleat every 3 months, or Timmy needing a new set of shin guards just because he decided to make an ill-advised diving tackle.

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The array of items Umbro brings to the table is staggering. They’ve got over 90 items in all, including socks, tank tops, jerseys, shorts, leggings, track pants, track jackets, pads, cleats, soccer balls, shin guards, water bottles, and cinch sacks for carrying around your balls.

Sized range from XS to XL, and prices range from, $4.99 to $24.99.

So head on over to Target (that’s pronounced “tar-jay” if you wanna feel fancy) and take your kids with you. They’ll be glad you did.


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