Baby With "Uncombable Hair Syndrome" Has Untamable Hair

This little one has an extremely rare condition and has hair that can’t be tamed.

Taylor McGowan’s hair began to grow when she was about five months old. However, after a while her parents noticed her locks were growing outward and were really untamable. There was not a single product that could make her blonde locks more manageable.

Her parents, Cara and Tom, began to do some research on the web to find anything to help them get little Taylor’s hair under control. Eventually they came to the conclusion that there was a good chance that their daughter had a rare condition called “Uncombable Hair Syndrome”.

Hi! I’m Taylor Lynn, AKA: Einstein 2.0! I have a fascinating condition of the hair called Uncombable Hair Syndrome...

Posted by Einstein 2.0 - UHS Awareness on Thursday, January 18, 2018

There are currently only 100 reported cases of Uncomable Hair Syndrome. Once Cara and Tom decided to have their daughter checked for the condition, the Chicago, Illinois couple traveled all the way to Bonn in Germany to seek out the expertise of Professor Regina Betz.


Professor Betz is the leading figure in Uncombable Hair Syndrome research. Her team at the Institute of Human Genetics believes the rare condition is caused by a mutation in one of three genes - PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH. After testing little Taylor it was proven that both of her parents passed the mutation of the PADI3 gene to their daughter.

After finally discovering why Taylor’s hair could not be tamed, Cara formed a plan to figure out how to deal with it.

“In total we have tried all kinds of products, maybe 15 different things. She doesn’t really enjoy bows or having her hair braided so we have chosen to allow it to be wild and free,” she said.

Sadly, Taylor has endured some bullying because of her hair, which has prompted her parents to start sharing her story. The McGowans are now speaking out and spreading the word about the rare condition. Cara is also using her daughter’s uniqueness as a way to help promote positivity and the awareness that it is okay to be different.

“I absolutely love Taylor’s hair. I personally think it is gorgeous and it matches her personality because she’s outgoing and free,” shared her mother.

When I was diagnosed with UHS, my Mom was afraid that I wouldn’t have a good life because people wouldn’t accept me. I...

Posted by Einstein 2.0 - UHS Awareness on Thursday, May 24, 2018

We could not agree more, little Taylor is adorable! Cara has created a Facebook page for people to follow her baby girl’s journey "BabyEinstein2.0". Check it out to learn more about the rare condition and the amazing toddler.


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