10 Uncommon Baby Names That Are Way Too Cute

2019 is an exciting time for baby names with major shakeups at the top of every list. After so many years of boy’s names like Matthew and Benjamin topping the baby name lists, the past few years have seen a resurgence of some forgotten gems.

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Many names, like Atticus and Milo, that have been uncommon for decades are now ranking in the top five. This makes it a little bit more challenging to find a unique name that is not on its way to being next year’s top ten. Here is a list of ten uncommon and unique boys names that are just way too cute!

10 Linus

This is a wonderful classic name that peaked in popularity in the 1910s. Even during its heyday, though, it was still a very uncommon name. With the recent popularity of names from that era, it is surprising that we don’t hear this one more often, at least in Canada and the U.S.

Linus is a bit more common in Germany and Scandinavia. The origin of the name is Greek and the meaning of Linus is "flax," as in the plant and seed, though it's usually understood to mean "fair." This name was made most famous, of course, by the comfort and blankie-loving sweetie on Peanuts.

9 Jules

Another classic name of Greek origin, though this is the French variation. The name Jules comes from Julis, the family clan name of Gaius Julius Caesar, the famous Roman emperor.

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This name was at it’s most popular from 1880-1910 in France. It is rarely heard these days, though it's making a slight comeback in French-speaking places. Jules can be a boy’s or girl’s name.

8 Fox

The name Fox has never been in the top 1000 names in any year that has been recorded in the U.S. It seems unlikely that it has ever been in the top 1000 names for any unrecorded year, either. That makes this name a real uncommon gem.

It was probably made most famous by the character Fox Mulder on The X-Files. The fox (the animal) symbolizes intelligence, swiftness, and an ability to escape sticky situations unharmed. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a name that is uncommon and yet not unfamiliar.

7 Malachi

This is a very old name from Hebrew origin. The name dates back over 7000 years to the Hebrew prophet whose prophecies were documented in the Old Testament book of Malachi. There is also an Irish saint with the name.

The name Malachi had a very slight peak in popularity in the late 1800s and most recently in the early 2000s, with 600 babies with the name for every one million born in 2006.

6 Rhett

This is another great uncommon name that is still very familiar. It hit a high in 2012 with 130 babies named Rhett per million born in the U.S. This name might sound familiar, as it has been made famous by several musicians and Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

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The name is originally Latin, meaning "well-spoken man." The name Rhett was most popular in England, where it means to counsel and give advice, and Wales, where it means fire and passion. This is definitely a strong name that is tested over time and yet has a fresh modern tone to it.

5 Bodhi

Another ancient name with perhaps the richest and most important meaning of all. This name is a Sanskrit word which is used in Buddhism to describe a spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It denotes the highest intellect and spiritual attainment associated with Buddha.

It was also the famous name of the tree under which Buddha sat while he achieved enlightenment. It can be given to a boy or girl. Any child with the name Bodhi is sure to be a thoughtful seeker who may move mountains and accomplish anything!

4 Ronan

This is a somewhat common and classic Irish name which has never found the same level popularity in other parts of the world. This name is old and uncommon, and yet it sounds so fresh and trendy.

There has been a slight increase in popularity of Ronan in recent years in Canada and to a lesser extent in the U.S. The name is the diminutive version of Rón, which means seal (the animal), so Ronan means little seal. What could be cuter than a baby seal?

3 Casper

This is an old Scandinavian name that is still popular in Sweden and Norway, though rarely heard in either Canada or the US. Although the roots of the name are not quite clear, it is thought to have been derived from the Persian word for "treasurer."

It was also assigned as a name for one of the iconic three wise men who brought baby Jesus gifts upon his birth. With that history in mind, the name Casper now represents offering, gift giving, and generosity. It was made most famous by the story and movies of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

2 Shepherd

This great name has gained a bit of popularity and was ranked the 797th most popular name in 2017. Of course, the meaning of this name is quite obvious.

The name evokes all of the amazing characteristics of a shepherd: the image of a peaceful, patient, thoughtful, and loving person. This is another uncommon name that is way too cute!

1 Basil

This old name has not been ranked in the top 1000 given names for over 60 years, making it an uncommon treasure. Not only is Basil an adorable and uncommon name, but it means royal and kingly.

It comes from the Greek boy name Vassilios, meaning "king." There are variations of the name Basil in virtually all languages, making it a great name choice for multicultural families. Any baby boy lucky enough to get this name is sure to be a naturally born and brave leader.

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