You Can Now Feed Your Kids Unicorn Ice Cream With Glitter Candy

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Save for the lactose-intolerant, there's no shortage of fans of the delectable dairy product. And that it's one comfort food that's easily digestible by an infant, that really tips the scales in favor of ice cream as the penultimate treat.

Now Target is upping the craving with something so enchanted, you'd swear it shouldn't exist in the real world. Hence the name of its new product, Unicorn Magic Ice Cream.

Blame it on social media as to why the mega-retailer would choose a mythical equine as its new brand. That said, kudos to Target's marketing department for hitting the market spot-on when it announced the launch of the ice cream on Sunday.

Right now, the fabled beast is all the rage in pop culture, rivaling this week's hottest Kardashian in popularity. Starbucks had its clientele wired on Unicorn Frappucinos and fans have seen the likes of Jennifer Lopez strutting the streets sporting a Valentino dress with the horned horses adorning the fabric. There was even an upper-crust wardrobe line of pajamas that flew off the shelves within the last year.


And you'd be hard-pressed not to find an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed that doesn't have a mention or image of unicorns. Cereals aren't safe from this stampede either, with General Mills reporting it was altering one of its marshmallow contents to include one shaped like a unicorn in its Lucky Charms cereal. Not to be outdone, competitor Kelloggs's announced shortly after about launching a new line of Unicorn breakfast food.

At any rate, adding to the allure of Target's food item is a healthy sprinkling of glitter. Yep, that shiny stuff that's sparkly enough to get any child's attention, all over a treat that's cherry flavored, with white frosting, AND with a sweet and sour swirl of raspberry.

Unicorn Magic Ice Cream isn't the only new delicacy being launched by Target in it's line of food products called Market Pantry. Other goodies slated to hit the retailer's ice cream aisle include Chocolate Coconut, Cherry Chocolate Cake, and one especially delectable candidate, Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks.

Anyone got an extra spoon?


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