Union City Baby Found Safe At Atlanta Airport After Car Stolen At Gas Station

A one-year-old boy was found safe after being left in a vehicle that was stolen by a car thief.

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One father's mistake could have cost his child's life. A father decided that it was too much hassle to take his one-year-old son out of his SUV while he went inside the gas station. He didn't want to take his child inside. Not only did the father leave his son in the car but he also left the car running.

A car thief jumped into the running car and drove away! The father came out of the gas station and his vehicle was being driven away. The father started running after the car but it was too late. The father ran back inside to talk to Prem Kunwar who is the gas station store manager. The father told Kunwar that his car got stolen and his baby was inside. Kunwar immediately called 9-1-1. Kunwar said he was a bit nervous when he saw a familiar thief come near his store. The thief is a man with dreadlocks and was wearing a black t-shirt. He often comes into the store and steals some of the candy. Kunwar turned the footage over to the police to help with their investigation.

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Thankfully the baby was found safe. The thief obviously noticed that there was a baby inside the vehicle and dumped it at the Atlanta airport. The police found the baby inside the SUV and he was unharmed. They took him to the hospital to be examined further. Then the child was released in the custody of his grandmother. The father, Larry James, 22, was charged with second-degree cruelty to children because he left his child in the car by himself. The child would have never been in danger if his father didn't leave him in a running car by himself.

We are so grateful that the baby is okay. Kunwar said that he was so grateful to hear that the baby was safe. He said that James could buy another car he wouldn't have ever been able to buy another baby. Police are once again reminding and urging parents to be more careful with their kids. It is never okay to leave your babies in cars alone. Even if it isn't hot outside, children are not safe in vehicles by themself.

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