Unique Baby Names Are Becoming More Popular Than Old Classics

According to the Social Security Administration’s data on names, many classic names are getting ditched for newer, more unique ones. While many still love the appeal of an old school name, parents are opting for ones that sound a bit unorthodox. Ironically, everyone’s love for being unique turned their chosen name into the most popular one.

The statistics showed which names are the fastest rising in popularity. For girls’ names, Oaklynn, Genesis, and Dior are those that are gaining the most traction. These choices have been rising so rapidly that they jumped at least 500 spots up in ranking. For boys, the name gaining more and more notoriety is Kairo—jumping from spot 803 to 482.

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Most of the statistics highlighted the rise of unique-sounding names by comparing their rankings to more popular, common names. For instance, Maverick is now more popular than Adam, Brooklyn ranks higher than Anna, and there are more babies named Axel than Edward now. While we believe they’re common names, less than 100 girls were named Tracy, Gretchen, or Justine last year.

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Another theme in the statistics found is that pop culture fads die down quickly, so babies who named after what was popular at the time rapidly declined. For example, Elsa was found to be the fastest-declining names for girls (although this could quickly change with the arrival of the sequel this week). This goes to show that if you’re naming your child, it should be a timeless name, not one contingent on the number of kids singing a Disney song.

The statistics show a general trend towards the unique and unknown, but it’s important to note that soon, these names we have deemed unique will probably become quite common. In that light, classic names like Lauren and Justin will probably gain some more support as time goes on. The great thing about old school names is that they can be used whenever; they’re not tied to a specific era. Soon, when Kairo becomes the most common boys’ name, Adam will be back on the board as one of the most popular names.

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