10 Unique Baby Shower Themes, Inspired By Celebrities

Pregnancy is a very exciting time since there are a lot of incredible things that happen when a woman is expecting a new baby. One of the fun things expectant mothers get to do is have a baby shower.

But there is actually a lot of work that goes into such an event. The guest of honor must know who she wants to invite, as well as what kind of gifts she wants them to bring.

But one of the biggest parts of a baby shower actually has nothing to do with either of those things. A theme must be chosen, and sometimes it is hard to pick one. Here are some themes celebrity moms went with.

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10 Khloe Kardashian Was Inspired By The Color Pink

Television personality Khloe Kardashian had a huge baby shower that was full of the color pink. The Kardashians do a lot of over-the-top things, though, so the fact that they go all out for baby showers is not surprising.

Kardashian referred to her shower as a “dream,” and she then thanked two of the people who were involved in it. One of the people who planned the party was Mindy Weiss, who is a professional event planner. Floral designer Jeff Leatham was also a part of the baby shower. The event included lots of beautiful decorations, including a whopping 45,000 flowers, as well as 3,000 balloons.

9 Chrissy Teigen’s Theme Was McDonald’s

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When model Chrissy Teigen was expecting, television personality Kim Kardashian was kind enough to throw her a really cool baby shower. Teigen craved McDonald’s food when she was pregnant, so Kardashian took that inspiration and ran with it.

That’s right, the theme of Teigen’s baby shower was McDonald’s, and it had loads of fast food. The shower took place at Kardashian’s home, and it was a truly star-studded event. Some of the guests included actress and singer Jenna Dewan, as well as some of the other members of the Kardashian family. Teigen’s mother also attended the fast food-themed event.

8 Joanna Gaines Had A Book-Themed Shower

Television personality Joanna Gaines appears to love reading, and based off of her baby shower theme, she really wants to pass that down to her children. To be more specific, the actual theme of the shower was “baby got books,” and honestly the whole event could not have been more adorable. There were plenty of awesome decorations at the event, including a giant stack of books.

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Gaines shares five children with her husband, Chip, and this baby shower was held when she was expecting their youngest one, whose name is Crew. Their older children are named Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie Kay.

7 Autumn Inspired Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively seems to be a big fan of autumn, since that was the theme for the baby shower she had when she was expecting her first child back in 2014. The actress shared lots of beautiful pictures of the event in an essay she wrote, which was titled “Bringing Up Baby.”

The actress, who is married to actor Ryan Reynolds, said that there was a lot to do before she would experience waking up in early morning hours to calm a fussy baby, which was a reference to her baby shower. The autumn theme made for some really great photos.

6 Cardi B Went With A Bronx Fairytale Theme

Rapper Cardi B is anything but ordinary, so of course, she had a very unique fairytale-themed baby shower before her baby girl was born. The event featured over 26,000 flowers, which were pink and white.

The guests at the event were treated to some pretty great snacks, including a five-tier cake. Each layer of the cake was a different flavor that Cardi loves. The flavors included honey bun, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate ganache, and Dominican pineapple.

Cardi had some musical performers to keep her guests entertained. Each guest received a purple baby blanket that was made especially for them, which was an homage to something the rapper once wore.

5 Candice Swanepoel Had A Safari-Themed Baby Shower

Sometimes one just has to pay a tribute to their roots, and that’s exactly what model Candice Swanepoel did when she had a safari-themed baby shower. She chose this theme to honor the place she came from, which is South Africa.

Some of the décor included things like cute little plush toys, as well as toy animals. The guests were also treated to some pretty cool refreshments.

This event was special for more than one reason. When images of the shower were posted, some people speculated that the name she had chosen for her unborn son had been revealed during the shower, and they were correct. The name Anacã was hanging on a banner above some of the refreshments, and that is what she named her little one.

4 Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired One Of The Kardashian Baby Showers

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Kourtney Kardashian held quite the Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed bash back in 2014. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians crew got every little detail on camera, and that included everything from tiny tiara hair combs to a cake that was actually made to look like a stack of boxes that came from Tiffany’s.

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Guests were treated to things like delicious fruits, omelets, and pastries, as well as some drinks. Originally, they wanted to have the event at the actual jewelry store, but then they found out lots of other people do the same thing, so they went with something a bit different. The Kardashians made their own version of the store at a different location.

3 Tia Mowry Opted To Have A Bohemian Shower

When actress Tia Mowry was expecting her little girl, whose name is Cairo, she opted for a very chic, bohemian theme for the event. Party planner Mindy Weiss must have some series talent since she also worked on this baby shower.

The actress described the event as “whimsical,” and she was still amazed by how awesome the whole thing was days after it had taken place. Mowry said she and her husband, actor Cory Hardrict, chose this kind of theme because they believed it fit her name quite well. But at that time, they were unsure about her name, since they had a few options picked out. They just knew it would fit their bohemian style.

2 Tess Holliday Was Influenced By Hawaii

A couple of years ago, model Tess Holliday held a very special housewarming party that actually doubled as a luau-themed baby shower. Everything had a Hawaiian theme to it, including what the guest of honor wore.

Holliday dressed in a floor-length green and white dress that had island-themed designs on it. Her husband, Nick Holliday, went with something a bit more simple. He wore a Hawaiian-collared shirt with jeans.

Even Holliday’s nails fit the theme of the event. One nail had leaves on it, while others had pineapples and palm trees on them. One nail even said “oh, baby!”

1 Serena Williams Was Inspired By The 1950s

Athlete Serena Williams went back in time a little bit when she was the guest of honor at a 1950’s themed baby shower. The athlete was surrounded by lots of other famous faces at the shower, including singer singers Kelly Rowland and Ciara, as well as actress Eva Longoria.

Each of the guests dressed in something old-fashioned to fit the theme, and it was held at Nick’s '50s Diner. In addition to the retro outfits, a jukebox was also provided. Williams, as well as her guests, took to their social media accounts to post lots of pictures of the fun event.

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