A Round-Up Of All The Unique Celeb Baby Names From 2018

Babies are precious gifts that no mother can resist. Not even celeb moms can deny the joy of motherhood. Though Hollywood isn’t one of the best places to raise a well-balanced child, it’s also not all that impossible. Plenty of famous parents have managed to keep their personal and professional lives separate, shielding their children from the hardships of fame and fortune. They even reflect on the good times, like taking family photos.

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Celebrities are known for showering the media with pictures of their cute babies. More important than baby and family photos are baby names. Some are very formal, others are flowery and pretty, and the rest are just plain bizarre. Here ‘s a roundup of 10 unique celeb baby names from 2018!

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10 Stormi Webster

Like all mothers, celeb moms give their children names that hold significance. It doesn’t matter how weird the name sounds, just that their name means something. Kylie Jenner and her beau, however, didn’t have any reasons for settling on the name Stormi Webster for their newborn daughter.

During an interview, Kylie admitted she’d contemplated several names before they settled on Stormi. One of the ideas Kylie had for her daughter’s name was Rose, which is surprising, considering her niece’s name is North West. The name Stormi Webster sounds like a secret identity for a comic book hero. After all, fellow X-Men Ororo Monroe’s superhero name was Storm.

9 Minnie Theodora Osbourne

The joy of having children can be a blessing, but also poses some challenges down the road. Although, the Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to have things under control on their end. Jack Osbourne and his ex-wife certainly did as well, their hands pretty full with two daughters and their individually unique names, Andy Rose and Pearl Clementine.

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The family of two grew one size bigger when the couple at the time welcomed their third child back in February of 2018. Jack’s ex-wife even gave a shout-out to Kylie Jenner on the day of the delivery. Moms-to-be-got to stick together. Jack’s new daughter was named Minnie Theodora Osbourne, in honor of the parent’s favorite mouse, Disney’s Minnie Mouse! Okay, that’s kind of cute!

8 Greta Lilia Bean

Though former How I Met Your Mother star Lyndsy Fonseca and her husband didn’t name their newborn after a Disney icon, they did, in fact, come up with a name that is pretty and flowery. The couple married just two years earlier and had begun expecting in 2018. Then the lovely Greta Lilia Bean arrived on February 2, 2018. February must’ve been a very popular month for delivering babies. Perhaps all the celeb moms delivering that month should’ve Face-Timed one another!

Fonseca was definitely excited about her pregnancy, given all her Instagram posts. In one caption, she wrote, “trying a labor salad for the first time,” which is consumed to induce labor. In another post, she raved about her baby shower! Lyndsy Fonseca was prepared for little Greta Lilia to arrive. She had the right diet, a great party, and an even better name for her little girl.

7 Carmella Stanley Costabile

Clearly, not all names chosen by celeb parents are bad choices. Singer and songwriter Christina Perri certainly came up with a beautiful name for her baby girl that sticks to her Italian roots. The singer behind the “A Thousand Years” song from the Twilight soundtrack named her first child Carmella Stanley Costabile.

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No one doubted Perri’s ability to give her daughter a great name. For goodness' sakes, the woman sang a beautiful love song that still brings audiences to tears today! After the pregnancy, the moment was made special when her husband shed a tear. Carmella Stanley Costabile is definitely the perfect name for this little princess.

6 Kulture Kiari Cephus

Another celeb baby name that has a certain flare of royalty in it is Cardi B and Offset’s first child together, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Many fans thought for sure the child was going to acquire the name Susan, given the mother-to-be interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when Ellen guessed the name and came up with Susan. Instead, Cardi B and Offset chose Kulture Kiari, which is way better than Susan.

Offset, much like fellow father Travis Scott, came up with their daughter’s name. It’s pretty obvious that a large part of Kulture’s name comes from her dad Offset, whose birth name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. The origin of her middle name means “beautiful soul.” At the time of little Kulture’s birth in 2018, Offset and Cardi B had spilt up. At least they came together for their baby girl and gave her a meaningful name.

5 Chicago Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had the opportunity to give their new baby girl a proper name back in 2018. However, no matter how much some fans may have been rooting for her to change baby Chi’s name altogether to Noel instead, it just didn’t happen. Guess everyone just has to face the music, as Noel will only remain baby Chi’s middle name—unofficially, though.

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Just when people thought the Kardashian-Jenner-clan couldn’t get any bigger or more bizarre with baby names, it did in 2018 when Chicago Noel West was born. It’s been speculated that their daughter’s first name is a direct reference to Kanye’s hometown, Chicago, which he loves boasting about in his songs. Noel, however, came after a very last-minute decision, in which Kim Kardashian West decided that her daughter’s name didn't “flow right.”

4 Max Milo Peck

Unlike the Kardashian-Jenner-clan, former Nickelodeon Drake & Josh star Josh Peck and his wife are sticking with their baby boy’s name. Officially named Max Milo Peck, the little bundle of joy was born back in December of 2018, ringing in some serious holiday cheer.

The couple got married back in 2017 and decided that it was time for an additional member with the arrival of their first child in 2018. As soon as Max was born, Peck and his wife hopped on Instagram to share the news with fans and revealed his name. Though it’s unclear why the young parents settled on the name, it is known that Max means “greatest.” Their son is the greatest gift of all to be given during the holiday season.

3 Banks Violet Bair

Celebrity parents can come up with some awesome names for their kids, but then there are others who drop the ball. Hillary Duff, the former Disney starlet from Lizzie McGuire, gave birth to Banks Violet Bair back in early June of 2018. In the months leading up to her pregnancy, Duff was pretty adamant about teasing her second daughter's name on social media, claiming that it would start with the letter “B”.

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Brittney or Bella would’ve been viable names, but instead Duff wanted something original. She claimed during an interview that the “name wasn’t going to be that weird.” It’s understood that the first name could’ve been attributed to the fact that Duff thought she was having another boy, rather than a girl. Or it’s an honorable mention to her hubby’s birth name. Whatever the case, Banks Violet Bair is a unique name, especially for a girl.

2 Marvel Jane Wentz

Similar to Hillary Duff, Pete Wentz also had a name in mind before his newborn daughter arrived in 2018. The only problem was it didn’t start with any particular letters. Instead, it came from his love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wentz and his girlfriend named their newborn daughter Marvel Jane Wentz and, of course, social media was buzzing with comments.

The majority of them were positive, rooting for the Fall Out Boy band member for naming his kid after a movie franchise. Wentz himself even joined in on the action, admitting on social media that he’s a huge fan of Marvel superheroes and that Black Panther was his favorite from the franchise. Looks like Marvel Jane Wentz will rule over the world!

1 Cairo Tiahna Hardrict

There’s nothing wrong with naming a child from one of the biggest movie franchises in the world. Though it doesn’t hold the same importance when a parent sees their child’s name written in the skies. Tia Mowry, another Disney starlet from Sister, Sister, said her hubby saw their baby girl’s name even before she was born back in May of 2018.

Cairo Tiahna Hardrict does sound magical but also powerful in meaning. Mowry noted that the meaning behind her first name Cairo means “victorious," while Tiahna is an alternation of her name, Tia. Ultimately, the decision of naming their baby girl went to Mowry’s husband, who wanted a name that was heaven sent. No matter how creative the name may be, if it’s a gift from above, who could argue with that?

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