10 Unique Decor Pieces To Hang In The Nursery

When it comes to decorating the nursery, inspiration is everywhere. From the posts swarming our phone apps and websites, to the "suggestions" family and friends may lend, finding the perfect decorative piece for your baby's room can be a bit overwhelming. At times it can be hard to incorporate items that are not only baby-friendly but also beautiful: something that will tie into the overall feel of the room.

Look no further. Here, we have collected 10 unique decorative pieces that you may just want to use in your nursery. All items listed are not only practical, gender neutral and interesting, but are sure to keep your aesthetic vibe on point. We promise!

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We've seen them trending in living rooms, in hallways, and in master bedrooms, but not often are they seen in nurseries. Incorporating a mature art piece in your baby's room not only brings class to the decor, but can be easily transitioned from baby to toddler, and child to teenager.

Hanging a beautiful and simple map of an international city can also help your child grow up with a sense of where they fit in the world - it's a great way to get familiar with their own city, or to inspire them to feel like they know the city of their dreams.

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When we said "unique," we meant unique. Especially if your family loves the outdoors and participates in physical activities such as cycling, a beautiful bicycle hung in the corner (or center) of the nursery is quite eye-catching.

If the nursery is incredibly minimal, having a bicycle (that the baby may just ride in their future) hung up for them to gaze at (day and night) can be very encouraging and exciting.


We are sure that you have noticed a rise in trend with ship-lap. Not only can ship-lap look great leading up a main stair-way, in your living room or even on the ceiling of your dining room, but ship-lap as a feature wall in your nursery is incredibly flattering.

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The fun thing with ship-lap, whether as a feature wall or covering for that gross popcorn ceiling, can be cheap, easy and totally rewarding.

Paint the ship-lap navy, emerald green or simply crisp white for a classy and trendy feel for your baby's nursery.


Another incredibly cute trend that we see quite often are House Beds for children's rooms. The great thing about this type of bed-frame is that it can also be used as a temporary play-room or reading space.

Throw a sheet over top or hang a tented curtain above for some extra coverage. This type of bed can be placed in your baby's nursery for a useful, decorative piece to grow with them.

You can even DIY by making one out of planks of wood. Whichever way you achieve this practical and transitional bed-frame, you will surely get pleasant compliments from family and friends.


Wind Chimes are a great addition when working with Feng Shui - but even if that's not your thing, the beautiful sound of chimes or wooden beads knocking together can create a beautiful and soothing environment for your baby.

Simply incorporate ringing the wind chime before baby's nap and bed time to provide a calm and lovely sound to encourage recognizing "sleepy time".


Not only do trees and plants produce oxygen, but they are also a natural way to provide humidity in the room that they are placed in.

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Air plants are a very aesthetically pleasing addition to a nursery. They are also incredibly easy to take care of. Whether you spray them every day with water or give them a water bath weekly, this easy routine can be taught to your child once they grow into their toddler stage. Another great bonus of having an air plant is that it will be out of reach.


Parents tend to go the route of rocker or glider when they choose a comfortable chair to feed and rock their babies in. Some babies though, don't love to be rocked (believe it or not). Whether your baby does not enjoy the rocker or glider (that you've likely spent hundreds of dollars on), a love seat is a very unique alternative.

Once this piece has "done its job" in the nursery, simply move it into another room. Easy, practical and aesthetically pleasing.


We've seen them in teenager's rooms, influencer's closets and even clothing boutiques, but a clothing rack can be downsized for your baby's nursery, too!

Racks can be used for sweaters, pants and even baby's headbands. They are a simple alternative for adding additional clothing space for your nursery. This decorative addition is practical, cute and pretty darn unique.


As an easy and fun installation, hanging faux flowers to cover an entire feature wall (preferably near the crib) is a very unique and beautiful way to add character to your nursery. It's also easy to do, with simple gluing fabric flowers all over the wall in whatever color or style works with the rest of the decor.

When the baby arrives, this will also become a fun sensory wall for them to experience new textures and colors as they get older - and of course, it will make for absolutely stunning nursery photos.


A popular, decorative piece that is increasingly popular is a reclaimed ladder to hold towels in the bathroom. Let's take this great idea of reusing an old (likely wooden) item and transition it from washroom to baby room!

Instead of getting it to hold perfectly folded towels, use this ladder to hang the immense amount of baby blankets that you will receive as baby gifts. We promise they will come in handy.


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