10 Unique Parenting Rules That Pink Follows

Pink is unapologetic about her music and her beliefs. It should come as no surprise that she does parenting her own way and has the same gusto for motherhood as she does everything else. She does it on her terms and it’s fascinating to see just how down-to-earth she is as a mom. The singer has a few rules that she sticks by when it comes to raising her kids.

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From including them on her world tour to making sure that she always takes the time to stop and read them a story, Pink is a surprisingly “hands-on” mom. Please enjoy this list of 10 unique parenting rules that Pink follows.

10 The Family Goes On Tour With Her

Pink isn’t your average pop star and has an unconventional perspective on being a working mom. She embarked on a worldwide tour and took her two kids, Willow and Jameson, and husband, Carey Hart, along with her.

Her little ones were only one and six years old when they hopped on a tour bus for the Beautiful Trauma Tour. Pink told actress Reese Witherspoon on her new talk show Shine On with Reese that taking her kids on tour with was “exhausting” and “the hardest thing she’s ever done."

We love her for putting her children first and integrating them into her professional life.

9 They Eat Dinner As A Family

Pink is so down-to-earth when it comes to motherhood and can’t help but notice that she’s just so normal. The pop star posted this sweet family pic to Instagram and shared that the four of them eat dinner together as a family, twice a week, while they’re on tour.

It can be hard enough for the average family to pull off eating a meal together, so it’s quite impressive that Pink manages to “shut the door to the outside world” and spend quality time with her children. Seeing such a famous family gather around the dinner table is refreshing.

8 She Loves To Read To Her Kids

Despite the fact that she’s a superstar, Pink often posts pics to Instagram that feature her reading books to her children. In these days of celebrities hiring nannies to watch their kids, it’s rare to see a celeb mom take the time to read a good book with their children, much less sharing the moment with fans.

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We can feel the joy and love through this pic and totally admire Pink for being such a “hands on” mom. Her kids will look back on these intimate moments with a smile. They’ll also probably grow up to be avid readers.

7 Her Daughter Drive Motorcycles

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Pink is married to Carey Hart, who just so happens to be a freestyle motocross racer and off-road racer. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the couple allow their children to ride on motorcycles. The singer loves to share pics of the family riding dirt bikes together.

How cute is that little motorcycle that Willow is driving in that photograph? It may seem dangerous for them to allow their kids to hit the tracks, but at least they all wear helmets. Pink has got to be the most fun celeb mom out there. Her daughter has even competed in races and won.

6 She Lets Her Kids Eat Junk Food

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Another way Pink parents her kids in a unique way is that she allows her kids to indulge in junk food sometimes. She’s posted several pics to social media of Jameson and Willow eating sweet treats from donuts to chocolate. Her kiddos have a sweet tooth, that's for sure.

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These days, it seems more and more uncommon to see a celeb mom be so unabashedly open about allowing their children to eat unhealthy foods. Hats off to Pink for being so flexible and letting her kids live a little. The best part is that she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of it.

5 She Teaches Her Kids To Give Back

We all know that Pink has a big heart and makes it a point to give to charity and those that are less fortunate. She has previously been a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and encourages her kids to do charity work as well.

Her daughter Willow not only learned to give back by donating her toys to kids in need but she also started her very own lemonade stand to raise money to support no-kill dog shelters. The proud mom posted a pic to Instagram. It’s great to see Pink's giving spirit rub off on her children.

4 She Uses Technology To Babysit Her Children

What mom or dad hasn’t used an iPad to distract their kids? Pink has no problem plopping Willow down in front of a device so she can grab a quick nap. Not many celeb moms would openly admit that they use technology to babysit their kids.

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The keyboard warriors probably destroyed her over this but Pink is unapologetic about motherhood and we totally love for it. It won’t hurt her daughter to watch Gremlins while she dozes off. Many parents do this and this is just one more way Pink proves yet again that she’s just like the rest of us.

3 She Quit Posting Pics Of Her Kids On Social Media

Pink has had to deal with her fair share of mommy shamers on social media. It seems like the parent police have come after her more times than we can count. The singer has often had to defend her parenting choices from trolls, from improper booster seat use to the fact that she feeds her kids junk food.

One incident inspired her to stop posting pics of her kids on Instagram. She had shared a photo of her son Jameson without a diaper and everyone went bonkers and left nasty comments. It finally pushed her over the edge and she decided to stop posting photos of their faces.

2 She Threw Willow A Big Sister Party

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Congrats Big Sis! #bigsisterparty

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When Pink gave birth to her son Jameson, she made sure that her daughter Willow still felt special. It can be hard for older siblings to adjust to no longer being the baby when a newborn arrives home from the hospital. The pop singer threw a “big sis” party.

Pink decorated with balloons and even had a cake made in honor of Willow becoming a big sister. It’s obvious by the look on Willow’s face that she was so proud of her new position in the family. We love that Pink found such a creative way to include her first born.

1 She Promotes Positive Self Image

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Pink gave an impassioned acceptance speech at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards when she received the Video Vanguard award. She talked about how Willow shared with her that some of the kids at school made fun of her, saying that she looked like a boy.

The singer used the stage to send a powerful message of self-acceptance to her daughter, saying, ”So, baby girl. We don't change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty.”

How amazing is that?

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