These Unique Royal Names Will Inspire You In Naming Your Little Prince Or Princess

These name suggestions inspired by real-life royals will be your new obsession! While the royal family in London is usually the main focus, there are many other royals around the world, and they don’t have the same traditional royal names as those in Buckingham Palace. All of them sound elegant, and they still create an atmosphere of royalty even though they’re not the classic names in the palace we've come to know.

Traditionally, European royals have preferred classic names like “George” and “Charles.” Looking back at royal history, most of those who wore the crown in the continent have the same, “old-school” names. In this light, many parents believe that these classic names are the only ones fit for a royal. However, with Megan Markle’s inspiration, royal names are starting to be a bit quirkier.

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Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex opted for a less traditional name for her son: Archie Harrison. The name is quite modern, but still fits the role of a prince. While we think this is a sudden turn, many royals around the world have begun to shy away from more traditional names.

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In the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima gave all their daughters unique names that started with the letter A: “Amalia,” “Ariane,” and “Alexia.” In Germany, a successful princess and fashion designer is uniquely named “Talita.” Meanwhile, the princess of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi, named her sons “Raphäel” and “Balthazar.” More unique royal names like Prince “Achileas-Andreas: of Greece, Princess “Estelle” of Sweden, and Prince “Sverre Magnus” of Norway are also options for your little prince or princess.

The list goes on, as there are many options for royal names. Royals all over the continent have beautiful names that have an air of elegance, just like their titles. If you want to name your child after a royal, know that you don’t have to stick to traditional English names! There are many options for royal names, so don’t limit yourself to what Megan Markle or Kate Middleton have chosen for their children; royals around the world are using less common names!

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