10 Unique Ways To Get Baby Name Inspo

A name is arguably the most important part of an individual’s identity. Choosing the right name for your child is a huge decision. It becomes a part of who they are. They will carry their name with them for the rest of their lives. There is a lot to consider when picking the perfect name for your child. Do you go with a name that is currently trending? Do you pick a name that has been with your family for centuries, even though it is difficult to pronounce? Do you name your child after your favorite fictional character?

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There are many ways to go about finding inspiration when naming your baby, but it is hard to know which is the right way to go. That’s why we have come up with 10 unique ways to get baby name inspo.

10 Taking A Look At Your Family Tree

A great way to find inspiration when naming your baby is to take a look at your family tree. Using names that are common within the family is a nice way to add a sentimental touch to your child’s name. It is pretty common and widely accepted by society to name your child after someone in your family.

Some mothers will sometimes opt to name their child their maiden name if they’ve chosen to take their husband’s name after marriage. Another option that some parents love is to combine both partners’ names together to create a beautiful medley of a name for their baby. With that said, try not to pick names that are extremely hard to pronounce or your child might forever be correcting others. This might even lead to your child having a nickname, which is completely okay but also worth keeping in mind.

9 Turning To Celebrities Or Athletes

Turning to celebrities or athletes is another great way to find some inspiration when naming your baby. If this sounds like something you would totally love to do, then turn on your television or log in to your social media accounts and get to searching.

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When trying to find the perfect name for your child, keep in mind that a celebrity who is trending now may not be trending in a couple of years. Make sure you actually like the name and that you aren’t just naming your child after a celebrity that you currently really admire.

8 A Strong Meaning

Picking a beautiful sounding word that has a wonderful meaning is a great way to get inspiration when naming your child. Some parents even opt to pick pretty words with lovely meanings in other languages as well. For example, the name Nava means "beautiful" in Hebrew. The name Anthony means "highly praiseworthy" in Latin.

This doesn’t mean you have to speak Hebrew or Latin to use these names. It is highly common to use names that are from different cultural backgrounds than your own. You can find nice sounding names with amazing meanings by doing a quick Internet search. If you’re completely set on a meaning, try searching that meaning in different languages to see if any words catch your attention.

7 Memorable Fictional Characters

A lot of people become emotionally attached to characters from stories or books that they’ve read. This is a wonderful and unique way to pick a name for your child. Not only does the name mean something to you, but it is also a nice way to project all of your positive feelings behind the name on to your child.

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Maybe the perfect name comes from a hero in a novel you read as a child, or maybe it comes from a short poem you once heard. Picking a name from a fictional character is a great way to name your little one.

6 Famous People In History

There have been many great men and women in history who have had great names. Picking the name of someone who has inspired you in the past with their actions or movements can be the perfect avenue for finding baby name inspo.

Whether this individual is a politician, a freedom fighter, or a poet, their name means something to you, and it represents something positive in your life. What better way to pick a name for your little human than to source out the names of people who represent positivity and growth.

5 Religious Names

Giving children religious names has been a rolling trend for many centuries. Religious names are usually associated with faith and positive influence. These are great attributes to consider when thinking of a strong name for your baby. Picking the noble name of someone who matters to you religiously is a wonderful option.

There are many beautiful, prestigious names from all different cultural backgrounds, which is great because it gives you an abundance of options to choose from. Consider names that you’ve never heard of before and compare them to common names. Somewhere in that list could be the perfect name for your baby.

4 Trending On Google

Typing in a search on Google is an easy way to find inspiration for baby names. You can find all sorts of trends ranging from unique names from the past to the most common names used last week. There are no rules when it comes to naming your child.

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If you like a name that hasn’t really been used since 1921, then go for it. You have the freedom to name your baby whatever it is that you like. If you pick a name that you have not heard before off of the Internet, just make sure that it doesn’t have a weird hidden meaning.

3 Atypical Names

A wonderfully unique way to name your child is to switch stereotypical names that are associated with certain genders. Names such as Jordan or Charlie that are typically for males are also beautiful names for females. Ashley is just as strong of a name for males as it is for females.

This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular as parents comfortably step outside of the gender norms for names. Feel free to change up the rules. You can literally turn any name into a beautiful gender-neutral name.

2 Changing Up The Spelling

If you are one of those people who has had your child’s name saved in your phone’s notepad for years, but just before you could use it, your cousin unknowingly stole it from you, then this option may be for you. Change up the spelling.

If your dream name for your baby was Mya, change the spelling to Maya. Change up the pronunciation as well if you’d like. If you love the name Milaan, but it’s taken by your best friend, change it up and bit and try using Millen instead. There are usually a whole bunch of variations to a name. Find a couple for the names that you like just to be safe.

1 Landmarks Or Places

Naming your child after a place or a landmark is both unique and widely accepted by society. Some extremely beautiful names come from places, such as Paris or India. Some parents take inspiration from monumental areas in the world that they have traveled to and harbor them into beautiful and significant names for their babies.

You may have an emotional connection with the place you used to travel to as a child, the place your significant other proposed to you, or the place where you found out you were pregnant with your beautiful little human. All of these are great avenues for inspiration when considering your child’s name.

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