10 Incredible Unisex Names Along With Their Origin

Choosing a name for your baby can be one of the most fun yet difficult times in one’s life. The parent/guardian is likely trying to agree with their partner on their choice, and little do they know how many options there truly are. Read ahead to view 10 incredible unisex names along with their origin. So, when the decision is made, you have some hearty facts to back up the reasoning of your solid name choice!

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10 Mabel

Usually attracting a feminine crowd, Mabel strikes the modern-day parent because of its strength and old-school vibe. Mabel will have an impact on those they’re introduced to. Whether the child is called Mae, Mabe, Bell or Abe, the variations of the name are pretty much endless. Though the name Mabel may not be so popular now, according to Name Berry, it was in the top 10 choices between 1880-1890. Want to shock them with a classic yet fierce twist? Name your son or daughter Mabel for a compelling story of how historical your choice truly is.

9 Drew

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Whether you are drawn to the name because of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore or Drew Carey, this unisex name couldn’t be more versatile when it comes to gender and personality. According to Ancestry.ca, the name Drew is simply short-form for Andrew. It is originally an English name. Supposedly, the Normans introduced the name into England where it grew in popularity.

The name Drew truly has a very strong start with a soft and darling finish. Have it represent a daughter or son, this unique, unisex name is a great choice for those who want a classic, cut a wee bit short.

8 Jessie/Jesse

Believe it or not, the name Jessie/Jesse is directly translated to mean, “a gift” or, “The Grace of God.” It originated from the names Janet and Jean according to an article in Baby Name Wizard. The spelling "Jessie" tends to be placed more so for females as "Jesse" for males; but, what exactly makes the “I” more feminine? Jesse was a (male) biblical character in The Old Testament. He was the youngest of 8 sons and lived in Bethlehem. Because of his gender identity, the spelling of Jesse stuck for most males in the coming future.

Jessie, on the other hand, tends to be short-form for Jessica. This name can be seen as an incredibly strong one for a little girl. And, if that is what you're looking for, here's another perfect list to inspire your name choice! Whether the child is male/female/other, the gender and/or sex should never influence the spelling of a name, let alone their name, as long as the parent absolutely adores it.

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7 Ryan

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According to Behind The Name, Ryan is an Irish title that originated as a surname. It means “little king” and can be seen nowadays as both male and female.

Between 2018 and 2019, the name Ryan for females jumped 50 spots according to Baby Center. Recently, it seems that the name is now more popular for girls as it is for boys. Why not flip the script and consider Ryan for a son’s name? A classic boy-name arriving for a comeback!

6 Charlie

Charlie may be one of the most classic, English names of all times. Deriving from the name Charles, Charlie is often seen on mostly male birth certificates. According to Name Berry, Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne, could be the reason why the name Charles became so popular in France. During the Middle Ages, the fame of Charlemagne soared, and many, young baby boys were granted the name Charles.

As time goes on, many parents/guardians are keen on naming their children versions of this classic, male-dominated title. Whether Char, Charlise, Charlize, or Charlie, it is a fantastic name to combine both feminine and masculine tones, meeting their vibe in the middle.

5 Georgie

Georgie is a sweet twist on a classic, male name. Usually a nickname for George or Georgina, Georgie can suit nearly every, young child and can organically grow into a more mature derivative of the title.

According to parents.com, in the year 1915 the name Georgie spiked for females, which in turn dominated the use of the name for boys. Now, Georgie can be a very sweet option for the modern-day parent. Turning a classic into a fun, cute and unisex option seems to be more and more appealing, especially when it is not heard very often around the playground.

4 Franky

The name Franky obviously derives from the name Frank, which isn’t so obviously named after a type of spear. Yes, spear. According to babynamewizard.com, Frank established its name from a Germanic Tribe which now extends all over France, Germany, and Italy.

Franky is often seen as a cute nickname for Franklin or perhaps Francesca but is rarely used as a full, first-name. This unique, unisex name can suit any young child and can, again, form into a mature nick-name to grow with the individual.

3 August

From Augusta to Augustine, August rose in popularity in 2018 for mostly male babies, according to babycenter.com. This gender-neutral name is a Latin name originally and became most popular in the 1800s. August is not only a month in the year, but an adorable, unisex name that any lucky baby is blessed to be given. Not common enough yet not quite rare enough to turn heads, August is a perfect name to suit and welcome any new human into the world.

2 Noah

What a darling first name to be given whether male or female. Noah is a beautiful, classical, biblical name that not every parent or guardian thinks to name his or her daughter. According to babycenter.com, Noah means “comfort” and “rest”.

A popular celebrity that may come to mind would perhaps be Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister, who made heads turn when they realized how fantastic this name would suit a young, powerful female. How great is that? From Biblical texts to Red Carpet Stunners, Noah is a great choice for the parent who wants a unique and gender-neutral name.

1 Piper

The name Piper derives from the surname, the title of which reflects an occupation, that being a musician who played the pipes, according to ohbabyname.com. An incredibly unique and catchy name, Piper can be used for any gender.

As the lead-character in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Piper then became a popular choice for female titles once it aired on television. Seen as a musical, happy, yet powerful name, Piper is a great choice if one’s in search for a unique, gender-neutral name.

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