10 Unlikely Things That Affect A Woman’s Fertility

Making a baby is hard and it is never as easy as the T.V. shows and movies make it out to be. Many factors come into play when a woman is trying to have a baby. Many of these factors are out of her control, like if she is ovulating or her partner's sperm count. But you might be shocked to find out there are certain things that you are doing and how you are living your life is affecting your fertility and the chances of having a baby. Keep reading to discover ten unlikely things that can affect a woman’s fertility!

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10 Smoking

People know nowadays that smoking is bad for them, but since nicotine is addictive it only takes having to smoke one cigarette to get hooked. According to Parents.com, that if a woman is a smoker then she is going to have less of a chance of getting pregnant.

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It does not matter if it is cigarettes, e-cigars, or vaping - if you're inhaling any type of tobacco it is bad for fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant and are a smoker you are going to want to stop smoking to help with your fertility.

9 Medical History

Even though we all wish to grow up being healthy that is not always the case. There are times when no matter how healthy you are some diseases just happen in the human body. ExtendFertility.com mentions that a person’s medical history like having PCOS can affect their fertility. Some people have experienced cancer making it even harder for them to get pregnant. Even your past medical history with your sexual health can be the reason you are having problems with your fertility. No matter what it is, make sure you are going to talk to a professional about your options.

8 Stress

In life, everyone needs a little bit of stress to keep them motivated to get things done and to be productive, but too much stress is never good. MayoClinic.org has shown that experiencing too much stress in your life can affect a woman's fertility since her body is working in overdrive to get tasks done and to stay alert.

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So make sure you are not taking on too many responsibilities and that you are focusing on your mental health as much as your physical health to have a better chance of getting pregnant.

7 Sleep Patterns

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that every human needs to get to be successful Our sleep patterns affect our mood, health, appetite, and Throne.com states that if you are not getting enough sleep regularly then you can be affecting your chances of getting pregnant. So if you are the type of person that loves spending all night scrolling on their phone in bed instead of sleeping you are going to have to change your habits to ensure you are getting enough sleep every night!

6 Medication

Every person is different, and due to that, some people need to take daily medication to keep their bodies working correctly. Parents.com claims that taking medication can affect your fertility. Some of the common medications that people take that affect fertility are anti-depressants, painkillers, and antibiotics.

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Make sure you are talking to your doctor about wanting to get pregnant and any of your medication that could be affecting your chances. But remember to not go off any medication you are taking daily unless your doctor has told you to do so.

5 Household Chemicals

Having a clean household takes a lot of work. With vacuuming, dusting, polishing and sanitizing there is just so much that one person has to do to keep a clean home. And depending on the cleaning supplies you are purchasing can be affecting your chances of having a baby, Health.com mentions. A study even released information that certain “compounds can decrease a couple's ability to have children by up to 29%.” next time you go to the store make sure you are buying all-natural cleaning supplies to clean your home with.

4 Excessive Exercising

Many people's goals in life is to be healthy. By this, they mean working out and eating right to have their bodies perform their best. Though every parent wants to be healthy for their children to be around and be able to play with them if you are exercising excessively it can affect your fertility, states Throne.com.

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This is due to your body not having enough body fat on it to be able to produce the eggs you need. Make sure you are not overdoing it when you are working out at the gym.

3 Drinking

Many people are already aware of the fact that drinking alcohol, in general, can cause harm to a developing fetus. But not many people seem to be aware of the effects that alcohol can have on a woman’s reproductive organs. Heavy drinking can actually diminish a woman's fertility and ability to conceive, according to MayoClinic.org. The best recommendation for women who are actively trying to get pregnant would be to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether. But if a woman were to drink will trying to have a baby, it should always be done in moderation. Remember; moderation is key!

2 Caffeine

Who doesn’t love their coffee in the morning? But if you are known for having a few cups of coffee in the morning and throughout the day than you need to cut back if you are trying to have a baby. Health.com mentions that excessive caffeine drinking can cut a woman's chances of getting pregnant in half!

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Make sure you are paying attention to how much caffeine you are drinking every day. But don’t forget that it’s not just coffee that has caffeine in it; sodas and energy drinks have caffeine too.

1 Lifestyle

There is way more that can contribute to a woman's inability to conceive. Such as things that we do or don’t do regularly. Things like being overweight and choosing to eat unhealthy foods. This goes well beyond just drinking and smoking cigarettes; it’s our lifestyle choices that can sometimes have the most impact on not being able to get pregnant, as reported by ExtendFertility.com. If you are more sedentary than on the go, it can also factor in struggling with fertility issues. Before you plan on getting pregnant, perhaps consider making some major lifestyle changes such as trying to get in 20-30 minutes of exercise daily – even if it’s just going for a brisk walk – and learning to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

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