10 Unusual (But Great!) Celebrity Baby Names

We love it when our favorite celebrities have babies. We know how much joy a little one can bring to their parents and what a huge difference the new parents life is going to be. One of our favorite things, when a celebrity has a baby, is to see what they have chosen for their little one’s name. Some of our favorite celebs give their children commonly used names that we have heard before, but we are always on the lookout for a usual name that these celebrity parents use. We have gathered a list of ten unusual, but amazing names that celebrities have given their baby that you want to steal for your little one.

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10 Autumn

Actor Forest Whitaker and his now separated wife, Keisha Whitaker, has a baby girl they named Autumn. According to Names.org, Autumn means “a helpful hand that guides the way” and this name is perfect for any little one. This name will inspire your daughter to be considerate as she lives her life. 

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Autumn is a loved name by many parents with over 3,500 people choosing it for their little on in 2017 throughout the U.S. Give your daughter a name that inspires her to live a loving life by giving her this name.

9 Maddox

When sought-after superstar Brad Pitt and his wife, megastar Angelina Jolie, were together they had biological and adopted many beautiful children. In 2005, the then-couple adopted their first child together, Maddox. This is an unusual, but strong name to give to any son. Maddox has been used more by parents since Pitt/Jolie adopted their baby boy. And in 2017 in the U.S., the name Maddox was used over 3,100 times by parents accorging to Names.org. So give your little man a rare name that is not overused and gives him the name Maddox.

8 Tallulah

Hollywood actress Demi Moore and her now ex-husband, actor Bruce Willis, had a little girl named Tullulah together in February 1994. This is an elegant name for any daughter to have and we know she will love it at all stages of her life. 

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Though Tallulah is not a common name it is a name that will stand out. Names.org has reported that in 2017 there were a little over 180 parents in the U.S. that selected this name for their daughters. So give your little one a name she will love with Tallulah.

7 Ace

The singer-turned-fashion-designer Jessica Simpson and her husband, football player Eric Johnson, had a baby boy together in June 2013. Parents Simpson and Johnson chose the name Ace for their little bundle of joy. With the name Ace meaning something positive happening, like an ace in the hole for golf, this could mean that boys with this name could grow up lucky. Ace has started to become more popular over recent years with more and more parents choosing this name. Even in 2017, the U.S. had 1,200 parents select this name for their child, as reported by Names.org.

6 Petal

Chef Jamie Oliver and his beautiful wife, Juliette Norton, had a darling daughter in April 2009. This world-renowned chef chose the lovely name Petal for his daughter. This name is uncommon, but since it related to flowers and nature this name is sure to be a hit in the future. 

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Names.org has reported that from 1880 to 2017 in the U.S there have only been24 babies born with the first name Petal. While this name is underused, it is surely one that people will wish that they used for their little girl once they heard it.

5 Rocco

Queen of Pop, Madonna, has a large heart when it comes to her family. This talented singer has not only had biological children, but she has also adopted children as well. Madonna and her ex-husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, had a charming little boy named Rocco who joined their family in August 2000. Rocco is a very unique name that would be perfect for parents to use if they are looking for uncommon names. This adorable name had over 600 parents choose to use in the U.S. in 2017, as noted by Names.org.

4 Rosalind

Leading Hollywood actress Uma Thurman and her now ex-husband, businessman Arpad Busson, had a little girl in July 2012. The parents chose the gorgeous name Rosalind for their daughter. The name Rosalind, according to Names.org, means lovely rose and would be perfect to give to your baby girl if you love nature. 

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Names.org has shown that in 2017 there were less than 200 parents who chose this beautiful name for their daughter. Don’t make the same mistake as them and give your baby girl a name she will love.

3 Silas

Superstar Justin Timberlake and his wife, 7th Heaven actress Jessica Beil, welcomed a little boy into this world in April 2015. The celebrity couple named their son Silas, which according to Names.org means "Gods greatest gift to us." And this name couldn’t be more fitting for a baby boy, by giving his Mom and Dad the greatest gift of becoming parents. This name is not as rare as our other celebrity baby names and only had 3,300 parents choose this name for their little one in 2017, as reported by Names.org.

2 Ines

When celebrity power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had their second daughter back in September 2016, the world was waiting to see what name they would give their little one. The talented parents gave their baby girl the name Ines. Ines is a beautiful name that is not widely used in the U.S. According to Names.org, the name Ines is slowly being used more and more by parents in the last ten years, but just makes it to over 80 people giving this name to their daughter in 2017.

1 Axl

Grammy award winner Fergie, and her now-ex-husband actor Josh Duhamel, had a beautiful baby boy together back in August 2013. The name that these two stars chose for their little man is Axl. Though the name Axl is uncommon it is not too unique as some other baby names we have heard. This name is still uncommon though, but has slowly been gaining momentum, as reported by Names.org, with over 330 parents choosing this name for their little one in 2017.

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