10 Uncommon Girls Names That Are Way Too Cute

When finding the perfect name for your new baby, you want to find a name that fits them just right. There are a lot of things to consider when naming your baby. Maybe you want to give them a family name or maybe you want to keep up with trends in popular names. On the other hand, you might want to give your new daughter a name that is unique while still beautiful and cute. There are thousands of names out there, so if you want a more uncommon, individual choice, there are lots to choose from.

To help you with the baby naming process, we’ve put together a list of 10 uncommon girls names that are totally adorable.

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Sloan is a strong and beautiful name. This name has Irish origins and actually means “raider.” If you want to give your baby girl a tough sounding name that will remind her she is ready to take on whatever the world has coming her way, this could be the perfect choice. The name is also quite elegant and is ideal for people of Irish descent or those who love learning about that country. This name isn’t super unusual, but it is uncommon these days, so this name will stand out.


If you love astronomy or astrology, Andromeda could make the perfect name for your new baby. Andromeda has origins in mythology and is also a constellation in the sky named by Ptolemy. It still is the name of the constellation today.

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If you want to give your daughter a name that has ties to history while also sounding beautiful and unique, this would be a great choice. If your new baby lights up your life, and you know she will do amazing things in the world, Andromeda could be the perfect name for her.


Cornelia is more of a classic sounding name, but it’s not one that you hear a lot these days. Cornelia is a name with Latin roots and it is the feminine version of the name Cornelius. The name is adorable and sounds super sweet, and it’s definitely the kind of fashionable name that could easily make a comeback. If you want to be ahead of the curve and a trendsetter, giving your daughter a unique but adorable name like Cornelia is a perfect choice.


If you have a bit of an edgy side to you, you want to go with a name that reflects that. Echo is a very individual sounding name that you won’t hear a lot.

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It has a bit of a punk ring to it, making it a great choice if you want to give your daughter a name with a bit of a rock n’ roll feel. There’s no doubt that your daughter is going to be a rock star, and she’s also super cute, so why not give her a name that reflects that?


Juniper is a nature name that comes from the juniper tree or juniper berry. When picking the perfect name for your baby, there a lot of sources you can draw from.

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Nature names are often great choices as many of them aren’t as common. If you love the outdoors and love names that are beautiful, Juniper is a great choice. This name has a joyous sound to it and is the perfect name for adventure and exploration.


Lark is another nature name that’s unique and stunning. A lark is a small bird that is known for being a songbird. If you love nature and animals, Lark could be the perfect name for your child. Lark is a name that brings to mind happiness and song, so your child will always be reminded of some of the beautiful and lovely things of the world. Plus, your baby is super cute, so it makes sense you want to name them after something beautiful and happy.


Opal is a name that used to be quite common but has fallen out of favor. Maybe it’s time for the name to make a comeback, and you could be ahead of the curve. The name comes from the gemstone opal, and it was quite popular during the years 1900-1920 when it was one of the top 100 names in the United States during that time. In 2011, only around 90 girls were given the name, however. Opal is an elegant sounding name with long roots, and it’s perfect if you love classic and beautiful names.


An adorable, perfect name can come from many sources. Sunday is a name that works on many levels. It’s the name of one of the days of the week as well as a delicious ice cream dessert when spelled like Sundae.

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If your daughter is the sweetness in your love and you want to give her a name that will stand out, this could be the perfect choice.


Names having to do with space are becoming more popular, but they aren’t super popular yet. You can be a trendsetter by using this name that is gaining in popularity.

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Nova is the name of a star that shines brighter than it has for a time before returning to its original intensity. If your daughter is a star, Nova could be the perfect name for her.


Viveca is a name that comes from Scandinavian origins. The name means life, so it’s the perfect name for your child since she’s likely the light of your life. If you want your daughter to have a name that lets her known her future is ahead of her and she’s going to live an amazing life, Viveca is the right choice. The name is also quite elegant and beautiful.

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